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Exclusive ranking of the most innovative mid-sized companies – Beurer is one of the “Innovation Champions 2022”

Who are Germany's most innovative mid-sized companies? The consulting firm Munich Strategy has ranked 4,000 German companies on behalf of WirtschaftsWoche, and Beurer is among the top 100 innovation champions.

For this year's study, Munich Strategy evaluated annual financial statements and presentations and surveyed managing directors, customers and market participants. The analysis was carried out nationally and across all industries for mid-sized companies with a turnover of 10 million to one billion euros. The consultants used an innovation score to whittle down the 400 top industry players to a shortlist. Innovativeness makes up two thirds of the calculation and one third is the mid-sized company's performance. The innovativeness rating takes into account how many and which innovations a company brings to the market, how high research and development expenditure is and how innovative it is in competitors' opinions. From this, the business experts ranked the "Top 100 Innovation Champions", of which Beurer was 37th. This means it is in the top 1% of German mid-sized companies when it comes to innovation.

"We are delighted to rank among the top innovation companies. We owe this not least to strong success drivers such as our more than 100 years of industry experience, successful partnerships, a committed research and development team and our innovative spirit in our continuous search for new product ideas," says Marco Bühler, Managing Director of Beurer GmbH.

Beurer is the specialist for health and well-being. The range encompasses over 500 products, divided into the areas of wellbeing, medical, beauty, active and babycare. The Ulm-based company launches around 60 product innovations, new developments and enhanced products every year. The latest highlights include the resuscitation aid LifePad® by beurer (topic page in German only), the Sea Air Simulator maremed® and the medical device app "beurer HealthManager Pro".