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Soothing heat exactly where you need it

Heat Pads

Heat pads for all requirements – whether it's soothing heat for relaxation, special heat pads for the back or neck, battery-powered heat pads for maximum flexibility of movement or head pads with magnetic field application – Beurer has the perfect product for any scenario.

Cosy warm heat pad

We have offered warming heat pads for over 100 years, more specifically they have been in our range since we were founded in 1919. Back then, they were a real innovation and an exciting alternative to hot water bottles and warming pans. Heat pads are ideal for spot and quick heating all year round. While they can keep you warm and cosy in winter, they can also be used for targeted heat application and help with relaxation. Thanks to our expertise and many years of experience, our heat pads are characterized by high-quality workmanship and our Beurer safety system.

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Our heat pads from the "Cosy" range are super soft and comfortable against your skin.

Cosy heating pad

4 great ways to use our heat pads

  • Cold – long autumn walks and winter days out can leave you shivering. Our heat pads warm quickly and are ready to warm you up in no time.
  • Working from home – working at a desk for many hours with very little movement can impact your circulation and quickly make your hands and feet cold. Our heat pads fit well on any desk chair and allow you to work comfortably and at a pleasant temperature.
  • Tension – placing the heat pad in a targeted position on a tense area can help to relieve tension. Giving your circulation a boost, heat can encourage relaxation and increase range of movement.
  • Menstrual cramps – many women regularly suffer from mild to severe menstrual cramps, and heat can have a soothing effect on the body.

Why choose heat pads over hot water bottles?

  • Heat pads provide warmth at the flick of a switch.
  • When filling a hot water bottle with boiling water, you can easily burn yourself, whereas the heat pad only needs to be connected to the power supply for use.
  • Heat pads allow you to keep the temperature constant with overheating protection, while a hot water bottle is often too hot and then cools off too quickly.
  • Heat pads have different heat settings.
  • Heat pads can keep you warm for longer. While hot water bottles cool until they are too cold to use, a heat pad can be switched back on even after the automatic switch-off function has been activated.
  • The heating surface of our heat pads is generally larger than conventional hot water bottles.
  • Our heat pads are flexible and versatile – whether you want to lie on it or snuggle with it, the heat pad adapts perfectly.

How do I clean a heat pad?

Many of our heat pads are fully machine washable whilst others have a machine washable cover. Always check the instructions for how to care for your heat pad.

Washing the heat pad cover

Remove the cover from the heat pad. You can then wash it at 30°C to 40°C. Allow the cover to dry completely before putting it back on the heat pad. Make sure that the heat pad and plug do not get wet.  

Washing the heat pad

Before washing, it is important that you remove the mains plug from the socket and then pull the connection out of the heat pad. The control must never come into contact with water or other liquids, as this may cause damage.

Set your washing machine to a particularly gentle cycle at 30°C and use a mild laundry detergent. To ensure the heat pad has a long life, it should not be washed too often.

Instead, you can remove small marks by hand.

After washing, bring the heat pad to its original shape and preferably lay it flat on a clothes horse. The heat pad must not be wrung out, tumble dried, mangled, or ironed.

Finally, it is important that the heat pad is fully dried before connecting it to the plug and before use. Otherwise, the heat pad may be damaged.

safety of heat products

What should you consider when using heat pads?

When using a heat pad, make sure that it is laid out flat without any folds. Folding can result in higher temperatures at the folded points. Excessive temperatures can trigger the Beurer safety system.

How safe are heat pads in daily use?

Beurer safety system (BSS)

Beurer heat pads and heated underblankets are fitted with overheating protection (BSS):

  • Safety thanks to the device's electronic overheating protection system

  • Automatic switch-off in the event of a fault 

Automatic switch-off for safe use

The automatic switch-off function on our heat pads is a convenient safety feature. After approx. 90 minutes, the temperature setting display will start to flash and the heat supply will stop. To start using the heat pad again, simply turn it off and then on again. The automatic switch-off function provides protection if you forget to turn off the pad. If you intend on using the heat pad for several hours, we recommend using the lowest temperature setting on the control.

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