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Customised heat in bed: Beurer electric blankets make dreams come true

Electric blanket

Beurer offers a wide selection of electric blankets: From cosy electric blankets and XXL double heated electric blankets to fitted sheet electric blankets and app-controlled electric blankets – they all have one thing in common: The heated pads score points when it comes to safety, quality and cosy, individually controllable heat.

Use our electric blanket to make your bed cosy and warm

Our electric blankets are electric heated mattress toppers for your bed. The heated toppers are the ideal solution for making your bed comfortable and warm, especially in the cold winter months.

We are often faced with the dilemma of whether to heat our bedroom to ensure our bed is nice and warm or to not use heating to maintain the fresh ambient air in the room. The heatable mattress topper provides the best of both worlds. Turn your heating down or even turn it off altogether and switch on the heated underblanket approx. 30 minutes before going to bed. This will keep your bed warm and ensure you have enough cool and fresh air for restful sleep.

We have various models to provide increased comfort. Some of our breathable heated underblankets are equipped with temperature zones to adjust the feet and body temperatures separately. For couples, we have toppers in double width and with 2 separate controls so that you can individually adjust the temperature to suit you.

To help you fall asleep with ease, some underblankets also have an automatic switch-back and switch-off function. The automatic safety switch-back function reduces the heat after 3 hours. Some electric blankets have a fixed automatic switch-off function and others have an adjustable automatic switch-off function that switches off after the set time.

Our highlight is the electric blanket, which can be programmed for every day of the week individually using the app, both when you're on the move or conveniently from the sofa. The set program then runs automatically.

Can I run the electric blanket all night without any problems?

How much electricity does a electric blanket use?

Beurer heated underblankets provide cosy warmth exactly where it is needed. What is special about them is that the user is in direct contact with the heated device, meaning it heats the body rather than the entire room. This means that the heated underblanket can be used efficiently and less energy is lost.

* More information at www.beurer.com/energy

How safe are electric blanket in daily use?

Beurer safety system (BSS)

Beurer heat pads and heated underblankets are fitted with overheating protection (BSS):

  • Safety thanks to the device's electronic overheating protection system
  • Automatic switch-off in the event of a fault

Automatic switch-off for safe use

If the heated underblankets have an automatic switch-off function, it can be automatically or flexibly adjustable. For safety reasons, our heated underblankets will switch off by default after a while if you forget to manually turn it off.

Temperature reset in the heat program

If a electric blanket has an automatic temperature switch-back function, depending on the heated underblanket this can be flexibly adjustable automatically after 3 hours or in the case of UB 190. The basic principle is that the temperature decreases the temperature level after this time. The temperature switch-back is intended to prevent your body from overheating if you fall asleep with a high temperature setting.

If the electric blanket is being used over several hours, we recommend that you set or program the lowest temperature setting on the control to avoid overheating the person using the blanket.

How does using the electric blanket affect my health?

Before getting started, it is important to know that using a electric blanket is not recommended if you have certain health problems. More detailed information can be found in the instructions for use.

Using a heated underblanket is harmless if you are healthy. On the contrary, heat can promote circulation. Heat is known for having a positive effect on muscle tension. The underblanket provides relaxing heat – whether for use after a long day sitting in your office chair or after exercising.

How do I clean my electric blanket?

Before washing, it is important that you remove the mains plug from the socket and then pull the connection out of the electric blanket. The control must never come into contact with water or other liquids, as this may cause damage.

Set your washing machine to a particularly gentle cycle at 30°C and use a mild laundry detergent. To ensure the heated underblanket has a long life, it should not be washed too often. Instead, remove small marks by hand.

After washing, bring the electric blanket to its original shape and preferably lay it flat on a clothes horse. In addition, the heated underblanket must not be wrung out, tumble dried, mangled or ironed.

It is important that the heated blanket is fully dried before connecting it to the plug and before use. Failure to do so may result in damage to the electric blanket.

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