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Heat exactly where it's needed

Heating products

Snuggle up on cold days with Beurer's super-fleecy electric blankets. The high-quality heat pads provide cosy warmth at home or on the go. The foot warmers warm your feet up again quickly after a long winter walk, and our heated underblanket helps ensure a restful night's sleep. The best thing is that our products provide you with targeted heat so you don't have to heat up the whole room.

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Heat exactly where you need it

Efficient heating products from Beurer

Beurer heat pads, heated throws, foot warmers and heated underblankets provide comforting warmth where and when you need it. What is special about them is that the user is in direct contact with the heated device, meaning it heats the body rather than the entire room. This means that the heating products can be used efficiently, and less energy is lost.

Benefit from more than a century's worth of experience with Beurer heating products

From a historical perspective, our heating products have laid the foundation for our company. As an alternative to the then very common hot water bottle, electric heat pads were designed to provide people with more efficient and controllable warmth. Beurer was founded in 1919 and immediately began developing the technologies that led to the heating product range we have today. The quality, safety and manufacturing of our heating products derived from more than 100 years of experience, has gained us the trust and loyalty of our customers.

Consistent and controllable warmth when you need it

On dull rainy days and through the colder months, our range of heated throws, heat pads, heated underblankets, foot warmers and on-the-go heating products can help you beat the chill.

Heated throws – our heated throws are ideal for snuggling up on the couch alone or with someone else with the larger models and provide lovely warmth. Whether you're reading an interesting book or watching an exciting film, you can keep warm without having to warm the room around you. In addition to cuddling up on couch cosy and warm, you can also use the heated blanket when you're sitting at a table for longer periods of time and aren't moving around much. Most people probably know that a lack of physical activity makes you get cold much faster than usual. With the growing trend of working from home and rising heating costs, our heated blankets provide fast and inexpensive heat. Exactly where it's needed.

* Find out more at www.beurer.com/energy

Heat pads – we pride ourselves on the versatility of our extensive range of heat pads. Our portfolio includes modern sofa cushions, flat, fleecy heat pads and specially designed heat pads for your back, neck, and midriff. By focusing the heat in specific places, the pads are not only a pleasant source of heat but they can also be used to relieve tension. With designs in all sorts of fabrics, colours, and sizes, we aim to provide all heat-lovers with the right product for them.

Electric blankets – an increasingly common dilemma during the cold seasons is whether to get into a cold bed and freeze or turn on the heating and miss out on cool, fresh air. Neither option is good enough for the sometimes long winter months. Our heated underblankets for the bed are the perfect solution and combine the benefits of both situations. We advise switching on the heated underblanket 15 to 30 minutes before going to bed. You can snuggle up in a homely warm bed when you get into bed. Now that the problem of the cold has been solved, you can go without turning on the heating and maintain the cooler ambient air.

Many of our larger heated underblankets feature separately adjustable heating zones, dual controls, and app connection for control via your smartphone.

Foot warmers – if you're one of those people who regularly has cold feet, try a foot warmer and you'll never look back. Whether you're returning from a wet walk in the woods or just feeling the chill at home, slip your feet into one of our heated foot warmers and have warm feet in just a few minutes. Some of our products also offer optional vibration massage for the ultimate foot pampering package.

Another time when many people get cold feet is during the many hours spent at their desk. The combination of heat and massage can help here.

Heat-to-go – the heating products in our heat-to-go range are the ideal outdoor companion to keep you warm. Whether whilst camping, at the football pitch or another event this range will keep you warm so you can enjoy yourself to the full. Beurer's mobile heating products provide comfortable warmth exactly where you need it. That's why you can rely on Beurer – our on-the-go heating products ensure that you can enjoy your day feeling warm and relaxed.

How much electricity do heated blankets, heat pads, foot warmers and heated underblankets use?

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How safe are Beurer heating products?

With the built-in automatic switch-off function, clear usage guidance and patented Beurer safety system, our heating products meet high safety standards.

What should you consider when using heated throws, heat pads and heated underblankets?

When using any of the Beurer heating products, make sure that they are laid out flat to avoid folds. Folding the products will result in higher temperatures at the folded points. Excessive temperatures can trigger the Beurer safety system.

If the heated throw or heated underblanket is being used over several hours, we recommend using the lowest temperature setting for steady warmth to avoid the user overheating. We do not recommend our heating products for anyone who is sensitive to heat or vulnerable people who may not be able to react in the event overheating.

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How safe is everyday use of heated throws, heated underblankets and heat pads?

Beurer safety system (BSS)

Beurer heat pads, heated underblankets, heated overblankets and foot warmers are fitted with overheating protection (BSS):

  • Safety thanks to the electronic overheating protection system
  • Automatic switch-off in the event of a fault

Automatic switch-off for safe use

The automatic switch off function on our heating products is a convenient safety feature. The heat supply is stopped after a certain period of time and the temperature setting display starts to flash. The time till switch-off varies depending on the heating product. To start using the heating device again, simply turn it off and then on again. This automatic switch-off feature provides protection if you forget to turn off the heating product. If you intend on using the heated product for several hours, we recommend using the lowest temperature setting for gentle warming.

How do I get the most from my electric heating products?

Heating products release heat in all directions of the room. To prevent the heat from escaping into the room, we recommend completely covering the heating product with another blanket or similar. It is important to note that hot spots can develop if the heating product is only partially covered. In the worst-case scenario, this may trigger the Beurer safety system.

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