The Beurer maremed® MK 500

Sea air climate for at home

<p>MK 500 maremed</p>
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Relax by the sea in the comfort of your home! The maremed® by Beurer is an innovative, globally patented method for creating a sea air climate indistinguishable from nature – soothing sea air for your home.

  • Extremely fine vaporisation of the sea salt particles in the ambient air
  • Reduction of contamination and germ load
  • LED display with intelligent control
  • Modern touch key operation
  • 3 levels
  • Suitable for rooms up to: xx m²
  • Night mode with noise reduction and display switch-off
  • Water tank size: 6 l
  • Easy-to-clean design
  • Components easy to dismantle
  • Water level gauge
  • UVC light and filter change indicator
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Incl. mains adapter
  • 2x pre-filter, 1x water filter, 1x 625 g of special sea salt (for 3 months
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Product designation Sea air simulator
Automatic switch-off yes
Humidification output in ml/hour. 33
Filter change indicator yes
Output in watts 24
Max. room size in m² 50
Night mode yes
Settings 3
Tank size 6 l
Water level gauge yes
CE yes
Warranty in years (You can find more information about the warranty conditions in the manual.) 3
EAN 4211125681197
Item number 68119
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Beurer maremed® functionality

Beurer maremed® functionality

Beurer maremed® functionality

Beurer highlight maremed®

Beurer highlight maremed®

Beurer highlight maremed®



3-level filter system
Prefilter, EPA filter, activated carbon filter

Easy to clean
The maremed® sea air simulator is easy to clean

Room size
Suitable for rooms up to 50 m²

Night mode
Quiet operation, no bright lights

Reduction of contamination and germ load

Sea air
Extremely fine nebulisation of sea salt particles in the ambient air

Tank size
6 l

Timer function
The product has an integrated timer function

maremed® sea air simulator by Beurer


1. The water tank is filled with maremed® special sea salt and water
2. The fan draws in air and the integrated filters ensure pre-cleaning of the air and remove dirt particles, pollen, fine/domestic dust and animal hairs
3. A UVC lamp removes 99% of bacteria from the air and the water
4. The air flowing through is enriched with minerals from the water by a water evaporator block
5. Additional ionisation and cleaning are performed by means of an ioniser part, before the mineralised air is returned to the environment