Pelvic Floor Training Aids

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Pelvic Floor Training Aids from Beurer

Have you done your pelvic floor training today?Train your pelvic floor for a healthy and strong pelvic floor at every age. Your pelvic floor is an important part of your body’s centre of strength and supports a stable core, continence control and a positive posture.

Pelvic floor training set for muscle strengthening

You can use these aids for targeted pelvic floor training. This training can effectively help to counter incontinence and also prevent it.

The pelvic floor training set is a great way to get your weakened pelvic floor muscles back in shape. The set puts you in control with different weights, so your training is natural, active and progressive.

Support for the pelvic floor muscles from Beurer

Use the pelvic floor training set a maximum of 2 times a day. The different weights help prevent and treat a weak pelvic floor.

The training set has been designed with a smooth surface for easy and comfortable use. Whether after pregnancy, childbirth, through menopause or during hormonal changes, targeted training helps you actively build up muscle and promote control of weakened pelvic floor muscles.

Do you like running, cycling or tennis? Then go ahead and do some exercise – your pelvic floor will love it. After all, every movement is effective and also makes you stronger from the inside out.

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