BM 53 Upper arm blood pressure monitor
BM 53 Upper arm blood pressure monitorBM 53 UPPER ARM BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR

The perfect health companion

Fully automatic blood pressure and pulse measurement with advanced arrhythmia detection.

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Insect bite healer

Say 'goodbye' to itching and swelling

The summer season is finally on its way! But, at the same time, unwelcome guests are unfortunately also returning: annoying insect bites can spoil our outdoor moments by causing itching and swelling. Beurer Insect Bite Healers are the gentle solution that can help relieve symptoms quickly and without medication.

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World Hypertension Day 2024

World Hypertension Day 2024

Prevention over reaction! Our blood pressure monitors make it easy for you to always keep an eye on your values. Get active for your heart health and check out our selection of suitable products.

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Nail care and nail styling at home can be so easy

Nail care and nail styling at home can be so easy

Sunny days make you want new trends for perfectly groomed hands and feet! Discover manicure & pedicure sets from Beurer now.

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Over 500 products for your health and wellbeing

Beurer was born back in 1919 and has grown into an award-winning health and wellbeing brand. Over the last century, we have developed an innovative range of over 500 products in the worlds of medical, wellbeing, beauty, baby care and fitness.

App Beurer HealthManager Pro
Beurer HealthManager Pro

Your holistic health picture at a glance

Whether at home, at the doctor's or on the road - today health data is available everywhere and can be shared. With the app "beurer HealthManager Pro", you receive even more detailed information about your health data that goes beyond the mere measured values.

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