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You can be certain of finding the right Beurer app for you, be it for systems or for individual products. Whether you opt for a Beurer product within a health monitoring system such as the HealthManager, BodyShape or SleepExpert, or an innovative product + app combination such as myIPL – the Beurer app world provides the right solution for every requirement.

You will not be left to your own devices – the range of Beurer apps provides support, motivation and assistance all the way.


App "beurer HealthManager Pro"

Whether at home, at the doctor or on the go – you can now access and share your health data everywhere. With the app "beurer HealthManager Pro", Beurer offers a medical device* app that takes modern health management to a new level. The app supports you in monitoring blood pressure, activity, blood glucose, ECG, heart rate, oxygen saturation, sleep, drinking and temperature.


You will find all compatible products for the app "beurer HealthManager Pro" here.

* This product satisfies the requirements of the applicable European directives.

Die Beurer HealthManager App

App "beurer HealthManager"

Modern, networked health management! Beurer's specially developed app "beurer HealthManager" enables you to keep an eye on your data at all times – from blood pressure and blood glucose to activity, heart rate, oxygen saturation and weight.

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The app "beurer HealthManager" is available as a web version and as PC software.

beurer PainAway" App

App "beurer PainAway"

The medication-free pain therapy (TENS) sends electrical impulses through the skin to stimulate the nerves. The PainAway app helps you to use the products correctly and provides helpful tips and background information.

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"beurer EMS HomeStudio" App

App "beurer EMS HomeStudio"

Train more effectively and efficiently at home or outdoors – without a fitness studio or machines. The app "beurer EMS HomeStudio" is your EMS personal trainer and provides a virtual coach. With numerous workouts and videos, you can also put together your perfect training programme.

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"beurer FreshHome" App

App "beurer FreshHome"

In conjunction with Beurer devices, you can evaluate and improve the air quality in your house in a targeted way. Here, the app provides you with handy tips on how you can stop bad air from developing in the first place. If values exceed your individually defined target range, the app provides you with a clear notification.

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"beurer BabyCare" App

App "beurer BabyCare"

Track data on size, head circumference, weight, body temperature, sleep, food, crying, nappy changes and, of course, health. Capture special moments and memories. Seamlessly follow the development of your child. The app "beurer BabyCare" will support you through the first exciting years of your child's life.

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"beurer CalmDown" App

App "beurer CalmDown"

Improve your perceived level of stress through guided and conscious breathing training. Improve your heart rate variability (HRV) with the help of the gentle vibration of the stress releaZer. Start your six-week anti-stress programme!

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Die Beurer CosyNight App

App "beurer CosyNight"

The new UB 190/UB 200 CosyNight underblankets can be preheated conveniently from your sofa or when you're out and about using the app "beurer CosyNight", or you can program an individual heat program.

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Die Beurer SleepQuiet App

App "beurer SleepQuiet"

For identifying and eliminating noisy snoring using the unobtrusive SL 70 snore stopper. The user-friendly app "beurer SleepQuiet" enables you to carry out a detailed analysis of your snoring behaviour, helping you to reduce your disruptive snoring. No more sleepless nights!

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Die Beurer Rezeptwaage App

App "beurer Rezeptwaage"

All of the 130 top cooking and baking recipes from Gräfe und Unzer can be made using the innovative KS 800 kitchen scale including recipe app.

Die Beurer LightUp App

App "beurer LightUp"

For many people, getting up early every day is a form of torture – but with the WL 75 wake-up light you can start your day refreshed, while the TL 100 brightlight will keep the winter blues away even when the sky is at its darkest.

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Die Beurer CareCam App

App "beurer CareCam"

Specially developed for the Beurer BY 88 Smart Babycare Monitor and the BY 99 Dual Baby Video Monitor 2-in-1. Complete monitoring in any location, at any time, and also ideally suited for monitoring senior citizens and room surveillance.

There is also a web version of Beurer CareCam.

Die Beurer FreshRoom App

App "beurer FreshRoom"

The indoor environment affects our daily well-being. The HM 55 thermo hygrometer means you can keep an eye on the indoor temperature and humidity level at all times. Its warning function enables you to always maintain a climate that is comfortable for you. The app "beurer FreshRoom" provides clear, long-term monitoring and can even be used for multiple rooms.

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Die Beurer myIPL App

App "beurer MyIPL"

This intuitive app supports you throughout the entire treatment phase, from adjusting the appropriate energy level to suit your hair and skin characteristics through to creating a personalised treatment plan, including reminder function. For all Beurer IPL products.

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Die Beurer CardioExpert App

App "beurer CardioExpert"

Precise ECG measurement at home – with our ME 90, BM 95 and the free app "beurer CardioExpert", you can monitor all your values and exchange these with your doctor in a professional manner.

Die Beurer BodyShape App

App "beurer BodyShape"

Feel good in your body in every way! The app "beurer BodyShape" together with the corresponding products helps you to reach your target weight with ease, shape your body and learn to eat consciously and healthily: with the AS 81 activity sensor and the BF 710 diagnostic scale.

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