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Relax your body and mind with the massage cushions from Beurer

Massage cushions

A soothing massage can often work wonders if muscle tension, pain or fatigue are making daily life harder. Since not everyone has the opportunity and the budget to have a regular massage, we offer practical and affordable massage cushions for use at home. Thanks to their compact size, they are also ideal for on the move. The massage cushions are versatile and can be used on the neck, back and legs. In addition to the light and heat function, the Shiatsu massage also helps you completely relax. Shiatsu massage, which originates from Asia, is a wonderfully relaxing technique involving the application of pressure using fingers, thumbs or palms. Our devices with their rotating massage heads imitate these massage movements.

Treat yourself to a relaxing massage on your own sofa with our practical massage cushion

When you need to loosen up after a long day, our Shiatsu massage cushion is the perfect way to unwind with an effective massage whilst you relax on your sofa. But how does a cushion like this work?

MG 135 massage cushion application beurer

The history of Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu is the modern form of Japanese finger pressure massage developed from traditional Japanese and Chinese healing methods.  The roots of Shiatsu can be traced back to the 6th century when traditional Chinese medicine was introduced to Japan. Over time, this method has been further developed and refined, resulting in different forms of Shiatsu.

In recent decades, Shiatsu has become increasingly popular worldwide and is now recognised as an alternative form of treatment in many countries. There are many different types of Shiatsu, and practitioners can specialise in various techniques. Shiatsu is also often used in combination with other treatment methods such as yoga, acupuncture, or Chinese herbal medicine.

Shiatsu massage is used by many people to relieve stress and muscle tension, to improve physical health, and to enhance wellbeing. Our massage cushions are designed to mimic this massage technique to enable you to enjoy the benefits at home.

How does the massage cushion with Shiatsu and heat function work?

The technology and function of the Shiatsu massage cushion

The technology behind the Shiatsu massage cushion is relatively simple. Typically, there is an electric motor inside the cushion. This motor drives the rotating massage heads, which rotate in a circular motion to imitate the feeling of pressure and kneading that a Shiatsu massage provides. Our Shiatsu massage cushions also feature an optional heat function which can further enhance the benefits.

Heat therapy in combination with massage

The massage cushions’ optional heat function is a great addition that can have a positive effect on your body. The heat stimulates circulation and can encourage muscle relaxation to effectively relieve tension. The combination of Shiatsu massage and heat therapy can also promote muscle regeneration and leave you feeling relaxed and well-rested.

MG 135 massage heads massage cushions beurer

What effect does a massage cushion with Shiatsu and a heat function have?

A massage cushion with Shiatsu massage and a heat function can relieve tension and muscle stiffness in the body. The heat function of the cushion also helps you to relax and promotes muscle regeneration. Thanks to a massage cushion, you can enjoy a relaxing massage at any time and anywhere and do away with stress and tension. Lean back, relax, and boost your mental wellbeing.

Which areas of the body can be treated with a massage cushion?

The massage cushions can be used to treat different areas of the body:

  • Neck and shoulders
  • Back
  • Legs and arms
  • Bottom

Tips for using Shiatsu massage cushions

  1. If using a cushion for your back, it is best to place it on a stable surface such as the back rest of a chair.
  2. You can adjust the intensity of the massage slightly by leaning your body more or less strongly against the cushion.
  3. If you sit comfortably on the sofa and lean slightly backwards against the massage cushion, you can use your elbows as support to better control the intensity.
  4. If using it for your neck, you can easily place the cushion on the base of the skull whilst sitting or lying comfortably.

What are the advantages of a massage cushion with Shiatsu compared to a conventional massage?

Regular Shiatsu massages can ensure improved circulation, provide stress relief, and relax the muscles. Massage can also promote the release of endorphins which create a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing. 

The massage cushions are always ready for use and are an inexpensive alternative to visiting a masseur. The massage cushions are also extremely practical to use. You can make yourself comfortable on the sofa and enjoy a massage, or even place it on your desk chair at the office.

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