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Get ready for spring with new diagnostic bathroom scales

Many people set themselves motivational goals, especially in the first half of the year. Often, the focus is on their weight. Some want to achieve the perfect figure for summer, others simply want to maintain their weight, exercise sufficiently or pay more attention to nutrition. In any case, knowing your precise body values can help you in achieving your goals. The new BF 500 Super Black Edition Diagnostic Bathroom Scale and the BF 980 WIFI with app connection help you to maintain an overview.

The diagnostic bathroom scales are not only stylish and modern, but also have many impressive technical features. Both products are compatible with the free "beurer HealthManager Pro" app, which provides a comprehensive overview of all measured values. They can also be operated without an app thanks to the clearly arranged buttons. Both models also feature an overload indicator, five activity levels for an accurate calorie requirement value, eight user memory spaces with automatic user recognition and 30 measurement memory spaces.

BF 980 WIFI: Smart solution for your daily body check
The BF 980 WIFI model from the Connect Premium range shows body weight, body fat, muscle percentage, BMI and heart rate on the modern "Magic" display with a dot matrix look. The user can also find these and other values in the "beurer HealthManager Pro" app. Once the scale has been set up via Bluetooth®, regular data synchronisation takes place automatically and seamlessly during the weighing process thanks to the WIFI connection, even when your smartphone is not nearby. The extra-large standing surface (35 x 30 cm) made of safety glass with ITO coating (indium tin oxide) ensures precise analysis of body values. The maximum weight capacity is 180 kg. Thanks to the integrated battery, which can be recharged with the supplied USB-C cable, there is no need to replace the battery.

BF 500 Super Black Edition: Stylish design with practical Bluetooth® function
The Connect Classic BF 500 Super Black Edition Diagnostic Bathroom Scale impresses with its puristic design with titanium-coated stainless steel electrodes and large, easy-to-read "Magic" display. This makes it an eye-catcher in any bathroom. The standing surface is made of sturdy safety glass and measures 30 x 30 cm, with a max. weight capacity of 180 kg. The BF 500 shows body weight, body fat, body water, muscle percentage and BMI. With Bluetooth® low energy technology, the user can connect the scale to their smartphone and keep an eye on their measured values and body data with the "beurer HealthManager Pro" app for long-term monitoring. Within the Bluetooth® range, the data is transferred automatically after opening the app.

"beurer HealthManager Pro": All values at a glance via app
The free "beurer HealthManager Pro" app clearly displays all measured data from both scales. Analysis records and graphical evaluations provide each user with a comprehensive overview of their success in reaching their individual goals. Additional values such as metabolic age, body water, BMR/AMR calories and bone mineral content can also be viewed. The app also combines numerous "Connect" devices from the areas of body weight, blood pressure, blood glucose, ECG, oxygen saturation, sleep, body temperature and activity, thus enabling holistic health management. More information about the app can be found here.

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