Responsible use of resources

An environment worth living in for us and future generations

Globally, we are facing a major challenge that will only grow in intensity: the climate crisis and the sustainable use of resources. As an international company, we are aware of our responsibility and want to play our part in ensuring that future generations can also live in a healthy environment.

Sustainable action and social commitment have been part of our corporate philosophy for many years. In addition, we have firmly established the responsible use of resources in our corporate goals for the future.

Marco Bühler

„Resource conservation and social commitment are part of our corporate philosophy. Every one of us has a responsibility towards our climate.

We are committed to health and well-being and it is therefore also of particular importance to me to play a part in ensuring a liveable planet for our children and future generations."


- Marco Bühler, Managing Director and CEO

Step by step towards becoming a more sustainable company

For us, sustainability means dealing with the negative impact of our actions. We will find ways to avoid, minimise or, if this is not possible, offset the impact.

Moving towards being a more sustainable company is a challenge that we will tackle step by step. In 2022, we focussed on taking stock, meaning we analysed how many emissions we generate in concrete terms and how we deal with resources. As part of this process, we looked at our entire value chain.

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Sustainability strategySustainability strategy
Our sustainability strategy

For us, operating sustainably means using our power, knowledge and expertise to develop solutions to social and environmental challenges. The interdisciplinary sustainability management team therefore works intensively with all divisions of the company as well as with outside experts.

In addition to our Managing Director and CEO, the managers of all relevant Beurer business units – from Purchasing, Production, Regulatory, Technology & Development and Product Management to Service, Marketing and Sales – are all responsible. However, the project ultimately stands on the shoulders of all the employees.

We are committed to the 1.5-degree target from the Paris Climate Agreement and are playing our part under the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi). We have defined specific measures and fields of action and incorporated them into our corporate guidelines. We are guided by a number of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) stipulated by the United Nations (UN).

The following main goals are currently being looked at:

  • Climate protection
  • Circular economy
  • Our employees
  • Social responsibility
Climate protection

Climate protection

Reduction of CO2 emissions

Target: Our goal is to reduce, avoid, or offset 100% of all emissions directly caused at our sites by 2024 (Scope 1–2). Furthermore, we are also working together with our suppliers to continuously reduce their emissions (Scope 3).

Circular economy

Circular economy

Developing more sustainable products and packaging

Target: Our desire is to develop products that last as long as possible from materials that have an optimal CO2 footprint and which can ultimately be recycled or reused. We want to make product packaging smaller and more environmentally friendly by using less materials and by using recyclable/recycled materials.

Our employees

Our employees

Health and well-being in focus

Target: We want employees to work in a safe and healthy working environment where they feel comfortable. We want to boost satisfaction and motivation, ensure equal opportunities and create framework conditions for a good work-life balance.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Promotion of education and training

Target: With the help of the Beurer Foundation, we want to promote the education and training of children, young people and women in need.

Our sustainability report
Our sustainability report

in accordance with current international GRI Standards

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Code of Conduct Beurer
Code of Conduct

Status: 21.08.2023

Together with our stakeholders, we are committed to integrity, mutual trust and open communication to ensure our long-term success. We are aware of our social responsibility and have integrated sustainability into our corporate strategy.

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to implement behaviours to meet our responsibilities as a member of society, as a business partner and in the workplace, and to contribute to sustainable development.

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