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App-controlled Beurer LR 400 Air Purifier awarded the test rating “VERY GOOD”

Humans breath about six to ten litres of air per minute, from their mouth and nose through to the alveoli, the innermost corners of our respiratory system, before breathing out again. In enclosed spaces, where we spend most of the day, the concentration of air pollutants and allergens is often two to five times higher than outdoors. This makes ensuring clean and healthy ambient air in these places all the more important. Beurer air purifiers can remedy this problem and improve indoor air quality – so that we can all breathe easy again, even allergy sufferers. The app-controlled LR 400 Air Purifier has been evaluated by ETM TESTMAGAZIN in the online individual test and was awarded the test rating "VERY GOOD".

The LR 400 reliably removes domestic dust, animal hair, odours, pollen, harmful gases and various bacteria and viruses from the air, ensuring a clean and pure indoor climate – at home or in the office. With its contemporary cylindrical, white design, the air purifier perfectly matches any interior style.

The air purifier scored highly during testing with excellent filter performance thanks to a three-layer filter system consisting of a pre-filter and a HEPA H13 filter for filtration of 99.95%* of particles ≥ 0.3 micrometres in size. The integrated activated carbon for effective gas adsorption (formaldehyde, etc.) and the use of UV light for additional cleaning were also highlighted. The intelligent automatic function means the LR 400 independently adjusts its cleaning performance to the ambient air quality. Four fan levels, a timer function, a turbo mode for particularly rapid air cleaning and night mode make the LR 400 a true all-rounder.

The testers also highlighted the coloured LED indicator, which displays the quality of the ambient air in real time, as being particularly practical. The device operates quietly, quickly and efficiently, which is especially beneficial for allergy sufferers. The easy-to-use touch interface was another bonus for the experts at ETM TESTMAGAZIN. The filter is also very straightforward to change and the filter change indicator signals when this is necessary after approx. 4320 working hours.

The LR 400 is suitable for rooms up to 69 m2 and is compatible with the "beurer FreshHome" app. According to ETM TESTMAGAZIN, the device's smart features that users can take advantage of using the "beurer FreshHome" app satisfy the needs of consumers completely. These include, for example, the creation of individual air cleaning plans and the display of detailed daily, weekly, monthly and annual overviews of the indoor air via the app.

The device's excellent filter performance, combined with its modern design and easy operation thanks to the touch panel and app control led to the test rating "VERY GOOD". The full test report (in German) is available here.


* Tests show: our three-layer filter system with HEPA H13 filter filters out at least 95% of particles with a size of 0.02 μm (viruses are generally 0.02–0.3 μm in size). For particles ≥ 0.3 µm in size, the filter performance is even up to 99.95%. For comparison: according to the German Federal Centre for Health Education, viruses are generally 0.02 – 0.3 µm in size. (https://www.infektionsschutz.de/infektionskrankheiten/erregerarten/viren.html)