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BF 915 SignatureLine: Reach your desired weight with a smart diagnostic bathroom scale and an app

With the stylish BF 915 SignatureLine Diagnostic Bathroom Scale, you can easily keep an eye onvalues such as body weight, body fat, body water, muscle percentage, bone mass and calorie display, AMR/BMR and BMI. Complete with a connected app, daily weight checks can be carried out at home or on the go. With its distinctive design, this new product is also sure to be an eye-catcher in the bathroom.

Whether it is used for long-term weight control or helps you step by step to reach your desired weight, the BF 915 is an ideal everyday companion for your daily body check. The smart "Connect" scale from Beurer SignatureLine is striking with its stylish, ITO-finish surface (indium tin oxide) and the extra-large standing surface of 35 x 30 cm, made of sturdy safety glass (8 mm) with a maximum weight capacity of 200 kg. It also features high-quality workmanship and is very easy to use thanks to its connectivity with the "beurer HealthManager Pro" app.

Modern health management: Data can be viewed at any time via the app
Information such as body weight, body fat, body water, muscle percentage, bone mass, calorie display, AMR/BMR and BMI can easily be transferred to the "beurer HealthManager Pro" app on your smartphone via Bluetooth® immediately after the measurement is taken. All data is displayed on the new medical device app in a structured way with a clear graphical layout – this increases the user's motivation and makes their successes immediately visible. Long-term monitoring is also not a problem. Alternatively, it is also possible to operate it without the app, using the buttons on the scale directly. With eight user memories and 30 measurement memory spaces, the BF 915 can be used by several people – ideal for the whole family. Other useful features include automatic user recognition, five adjustable activity levels for determining the daily active metabolic rate and the automatic switch-off function.

The measured values are particularly easy to read as they are shown on the modern black display in XXL format. The diagnostic bathroom scale also features an unmistakable font, specially developed by Beurer, which is a feature of all models in the exclusive SignatureLine.

Further information on Beurer's range of scales is available online.