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Livestream-Event 2021: LR 220 Air purifier with modern design and excellent filter performance

The concentration of pollutants and allergens is often two to five times higher in our living spaces than outside. Pollen, fine dust and other particles don't stand a chance with the new LR 220 Air purifier from Beurer! Allergy sufferers in particular can finally breathe calmly again in their home, as the LR 220 removes nearly everything from the air that could harm your health thanks to the three-layered filter system with HEPA H13 filter. The Air purifier can ensure a better indoor climate in your home and a better quality of life all year round – not just during pollen season.

With its modern, round design, the new LR 220 fits perfectly into any home. The three-layered filter system (pre-filter + HEPA H13 filter + activated carbon) is highly effective and reliably removes fine/ domestic dust, animal hairs, pollen, smells, harmful gases as well as various viruses and bacteria from the air. For particles ≥ 0.3 μm in size, the filter performance is up to 99.95%. The product has three fan levels, a timer function (2, 4 or 8 h) and a turbo mode for particularly fast air cleaning. Thanks to the night mode, the device can also run in ultra-quiet mode and with a switched off control panel while you are sleeping – without disturbing your night's rest. The LR 220 is suitable for room sizes of up to 37 m2 and is therefore suitable for versatile use throughout the entire house or in the office. For hygienic use, the Air purifier has a filter change indicator and informs the user if a filter replacement is recommended. The replacement filter is available as a handy replacement item.