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Beurer teams up with German tennis star Angelique Kerber and the German Tennis Federation (DTB)

Ulm-based health specialist Beurer is launching a new collaboration focussed on product highlights designed to boost fitness, training efficiency, regeneration and well-being. The collaboration is being supported by Angelique Kerber – one of the world's best female tennis players, a Grand Slam winner of the Australian and US Open as well as in Wimbledon, and an icon of German tennis. Beurer is also carrying out various projects for top-level and recreational sport together with the German Tennis Federation (DTB).

"Angelique Kerber is a symbol of the German Tennis Federation and epitomises excellence in tennis. We are delighted that she has come on board as a brand ambassador and firmly believe that our products and principles are a perfect match," says Beurer Managing Director Marco Bühler.

The product range from the Ulm-based family company has the perfect training companion or relaxation aid for everyone – whether they are a professional or up-and-coming athlete or simply like to play sports in their leisure time. "With more than 500 products in total, the diversity in our product range is our strength and is what makes Beurer a successful brand across the globe," adds Kerstin Glanzer, Head of Marketing at Beurer.

Angelique Kerber, too, knows just how important it is to take an all-encompassing approach to workouts. "As a professional athlete, it's important to me to take a holistic approach to my training planning. Alongside the on-court training sessions, targeted regeneration using the right equipment also plays an essential role," says the triple Grand Slam winner.

Equipment for effective training sessions
Beurer's collaboration with the German tennis industry focuses on three high-quality products, including the Achillomed FM 200 for relaxation and help with Achilles tendon problems. With this device, Beurer helps athletes to counteract pain and get back into shape quickly. The EM 59 Digital TENS/EMS device is also part of the collaboration, and can be used for medication-free pain therapy or for targeted muscle stimulation. Thanks to the optional heat function, it is also ideal for relaxation and massages after demanding training sessions. The BF 1000 Super Precision high-end diagnostic bathroom scale helps to analyse body statistics such as weight, muscle/water/body fat percentage (incl. visceral fat), bone mass and calorie requirement in detail. The state-of-the-art cross-measurement with eight electrodes allows for a segmented display per body zone. Thanks to the app connection, it even offers long-term monitoring so that you can optimise your training.

Beurer is a partner of the German Tennis Federation
As part of the collaboration, Beurer is also carrying out projects together with the German Tennis Federation. With around 1.4 million members, it is the world's largest tennis association and the third-largest sports association in Germany. Beurer has, therefore, been integrated into the DTB trainer portal. At https://trainer.tennis.de (only available in German), the approx. 15,000 licensed DTB trainers are not only shown innovative tennis training methods and training tips, but also the corresponding Beurer products. In addition, the Ulm-based company is acting as a partner to the four DTB federal sports bases to help provide year-round support to the best up-and-coming tennis players. What's more, Beurer is participating in the "Deutschland spielt Tennis" (Germany plays tennis) club campaign, which has been a key way of attracting new members since 2007. "In tennis, top and leisure athletes, professionals and up-and-coming stars, and people with and without disabilities all meet as equals. We have been committed to promoting tennis at all levels for many years. Collaborations with well-known brands such as Beurer enable us to jointly develop and reach new goals. We look forward to a successful collaboration built on mutual trust," says Dietloff von Arnim, President of the German Tennis Federation (DTB).