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German Innovation Award 2021: GOLD for maremed®

The German Design Council has been one of the world's leading centres for excellence in communication and knowledge transfer for design, branding and innovation since 1953. Once again, the Beurer sea air simulator maremed® has been selected as a winning product. But that's not all: maremed® has also been awarded gold status for outstanding innovative performance in 2021.

"We are proud that our sea air simulator maremed® has impressed the Council in every respect, and we are delighted about the award. It represents the perfect fusion of design and innovation," says Kerstin Glanzer, Head of Marketing at Beurer GmbH.

The maremed® sea air simulator is a leading example of a product that creates a natural marine climate at home. There are all sorts of environmental factors that can affect air quality, including domestic dust, fine dust, animal hair and pollen. So it is no wonder that the issue of clean air is more relevant now than ever.

maremed® is a multifunctional device that carries out five important processes simultaneously to create the ideal indoor climate at home or in the office: it cleans, mineralises, disinfects, ionises and humidifies the air. A particular highlight is that it enriches the ambient air with the same type of precious minerals that are found in the air by the coast, thus enabling it to have a positive effect on the respiratory tract, asthmatic complaints, sleep and general well-being. It also has a night mode, so it can even be placed in the bedroom at night to create optimum sleeping conditions. maremed® uses special sea salt of natural origin produced exclusively for Beurer, which has more than 65 trace elements. It is the perfect sea air treatment at home.

The sea air simulator is a fusion of innovative technology, outstanding design, and functionality. Product designer Matthias Kolb from pulse design says: "Coming up with a customised design based on a prototype and a unique idea required intensive collaboration with the Engineering and Marketing department at Beurer. maremed® occupies a special place in the Beurer product range. What makes it stand out are its calming effect and modest charm."

The innovativeness of the sea air simulator maremed® and its holistic concept are what convinced the German Design Council to award Beurer with the German Innovation Award 2021, as well as gold status for outstanding innovative performance.