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Blood pressure in focus: World Hypertension Day 2021

High blood pressure is the number one risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. According to the German Hypertension League e.V. (DHL), around 20 to 30 million people in Germany suffer from hypertension. But one third of treated hypertensives are currently not well controlled. One in ten do not seek treatment, even though they know about their high blood pressure, and 20 percent of those affected are not even aware that their blood pressure levels are too high. Many people do not know that hypertension is the cause of many serious secondary diseases. Every year on 17 May, the World Hypertension League (WHL) proclaims World Hypertension Day to inform people about the often underestimated widespread disease of high blood pressure and to raise awareness about health risks. In Germany, the WHL is represented by the Deutsche Hochdruckliga e.V. - German Society for Hypertension and Prevention, among others. In 2021, the campaign day will focus on home self-measurement.

Permanently elevated blood pressure levels are dangerous: half of all strokes and heart attacks are due to high blood pressure, warns the German Hypertension League. The problem is that hypertension does not usually manifest itself through specific symptoms. Therefore, regular self-monitoring and documentation of the values in a blood pressure passport or digitally via app is recommended. The BC 51 and BM 85 Bluetooth® blood pressure monitors from Beurer make it easy to measure blood pressure at home. The measurement accuracy of both devices has been clinically validated by the European Society of Hypertension (ESH).

BC 51: Safe measurement at the wrist
The new BC 51 enables optimal self-monitoring when measuring blood pressure. The device has a positioning indicator that indicates whether the measurement is being taken correctly at the wrist at heart level by means of a green or red colour marking during the blood pressure measurement. The user can therefore position his arm correctly when starting the measurement in order to obtain accurate results. With Beurer inflation technology, the measurement is taken quickly and conveniently during inflation. The risk indicator, a coloured scale for classifying the results, helps to interpret the measured values. The blood pressure value can be easily read on the XL display immediately after the measurement. The BC 51 has two user memories for 120 readings each. The average value of all stored measurements or the average value of the morning and evening blood pressure of the last seven days can also be displayed. With the arrhythmia detection, possible irregularities in the heart rhythm are also detected.

BM 85 Bluetooth®: Optimal documentation via app
If the blood pressure values should be available and shareable on the smartphone at any time, the BM 85 is an optimal everyday companion. The device not only ensures fully automatic blood pressure measurement on the upper arm, but the values determined can also be transferred immediately via Bluetooth® to the "beurer HealthManager" app - practical for long-term monitoring or the next doctor's appointment. The patented rest indicator guarantees precise measurement results and helps to avoid measurement errors due to insufficient circulatory rest by means of a symbol display. The BM 85 also features the convenient inflation technology. The integrated LED risk indicator helps to quickly interpret the measured values. The device has two user memories for 60 readings each and calculates the average value of all stored measurements or the average value of the morning and evening blood pressure of the last seven days. The integrated arrhythmia detection additionally warns of possible cardiac arrhythmias.

Useful tips and video tutorials on how to measure blood pressure correctly at home are available on the Beurer topic page www.beurer.com/hypertonie (only available in German and Italian). Further information on World Hypertension Day 2021 is available at: www.hypertonietag.de (Only availale in German).