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Good hearing means a better quality of life: Beurer introduces new range of digital hearing amplifiers

Be it the result of age, career or an accident: difficulty hearing is a widespread problem which naturally worsens with age. Thanks to sophisticated technology, those affected can enjoy a big boost to their quality of life. Beurer has developed a new range of digital hearing amplifiers designed to assist the user in their everyday life. What's more, people who suspect they have lost their hearing can visit a web page and check their hearing themselves in a free online hearing test. This page also provides tips on hearing amplifiers.

These little helpers in the ear are available in different designs to meet the user's specific needs. Each hearing amplifier model has its advantages – the user decides which is the perfect fit for their respective lifestyle.

ITE hearing amplifiers: small, discreet and virtually invisible
Devices which are worn in the ear (ITE) are suitable if the user is looking for a hearing amplifier which is as inconspicuous as possible. They are some of the smallest models and all components are placed directly in the ear canal. Beurer offers the HA 60 Pair hearing amplifiers for amplification on both sides as a handy set of 2. The extra-small in-ear design provides a comfortable new hearing experience and is ideal for people who wear glasses, for example. The frequency range is 200-5300 Hz, amplification is max. 26 dB and maximum volume is 113 dB. The product features three attachments each, for individual adjustment to the ear canal. A handy storage box is included in delivery.

BTE hearing amplifiers: classic model with good wearing comfort
BTE hearing amplifiers are worn behind the ear (BTE). All functional components such as the loudspeaker are integrated into the housing. The sound is transmitted to the ear via air conduction in the plastic tube. With the HA 70 Pair and HA 80 Single/Pair, Beurer is bringing two rechargeable BTE hearing amplifiers to the market at the same time, which can significantly improve hearing as a set of 2 – or in the case of the HA 80 even as a set of 1. The HA 80 is also available individually as a single version, for flexible use on the left or right ear. To ensure uninterrupted use, the products are delivered with practical exchangeable batteries as well as a micro-USB charger. The frequency range of the HA 80 is 200-6700 Hz, amplification is max. 48 dB and maximum volume is 121 dB. Elderly people in particular will find the BTE hearing amplifiers easy to use. The Beurer devices boast an ergonomic shape and feature two different hearing programs for loud and quiet environments, as well as four or eight attachments for optimum wearing comfort. The HA 70 Pair in particular is barely visible due to its extra-small design. It also impresses with a storage box including an integrated powerbank. The frequency range is 200-7100 Hz, amplification is max. 49 dB and maximum volume is 123 dB.

RIC hearing amplifiers: improved technology for a clear sound
RIC devices are a sub-type of BTE hearing amplifiers. The products are positioned behind the ear, but the loudspeaker is located directly in the ear canal. This achieves particularly good acoustic transmission and provides a clear sound. In this category, Beurer is introducing the new HA 85 Pair. The rechargeable hearing amplifiers with exchangeable batteries are available as a set of 2 for amplification on both sides and feature two different hearing programs for loud and quiet environments. The frequency range is 200-8000 Hz, amplification is max. 38 dB and maximum volume is 114 dB. Eight attachments and a micro-USB charger are included in delivery.

Correctly caring for hearing amplifiers plays an important role in ensuring users get the most out of them for as long as possible. For the HA 60, HA 80 and HA 85, Beurer offers special drying capsules for removing moisture from the devices. The colour changer is useful in indicating when the capsule's drying power is at an end. ITE and RIC hearing amplifiers are fitted with earwax guards which protect against earwax, dirt and moisture. These should be replaced regularly.

Beurer offers an online hearing test so that those who wish to check their hearing can determine any hearing loss. Further information can be found on the web page about hearing amplifiers.