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EM 50 Menstrual Relax

Menstrual Relax
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How the EM 50 from Beurer works

How does the EM 50 Menstrual Relax work?

The Menstrual Relax is a self-adhesive TENS device with a heat function to provide pain relief for menstrual discomfort and pain caused by endometriosis.

TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) is the electrical stimulation of nerves through the skin. The transmission of pain into the nerve fibres is suppressed and the excretion of endorphins in the body is increased.

These reduce the sensation of pain due to their effect in the central nervous system. This can alleviate or suppress pain.

Soothing warmth of the EM 50 from Beurer
Soothing heat

The heat function of the EM 50 ensures that your body and muscles relax and you have a good sense of well-being.

Sustainable thanks to the rechargeable battery of the EM 50 from Beurer
Good for your body, good for the environment

By providing pain relief via TENS, you spare your body from taking tablets, which often have side effects. You’re also doing your bit for the environment: The EM 50 has a rechargeable battery and can therefore be reused after use.

Flexible and discreet use of the EM 50 from Beurer
Flexible and discreet

The pad adapts to your body shape. It is also discreet and unobtrusive and can be worn comfortably under clothing when you’re out and about.

Beurer EM 50 Menstrual Relax

Menstrual Relax to relieve menstrual pain without medication

Do you suffer from menstrual pain? We have your helper right here – the Beurer Menstrual Relax! The pad with separately adjustable heat and TENS function can help bring relief and relaxation; thanks to the rechargeable batteries and 15 TENS intensity levels you can decide for yourself when and where to use your helper!

  • Can relieve menstrual or endometriosis pain
  • Combination of heat and TENS
  • Easy to use and increased flexibility in everyday life with the EM 50
  • Reusable
  • With battery
  • 2 replaceable gel pads
  • 1 heat programme, 15 TENS intensity levels
  • LEDs for displaying the set function
  • LED for displaying a low battery state
  • Snuggly, ergonomic shape
  • Automatic switch-off after 20 minutes
  • Includes rechargeable battery (320 mAh)

Proven effectiveness

The effectiveness of the EM 50 Menstrual Relax was confirmed in an application study with 59 women by the Institut Prof. Kurscheid.

  • 96% of women would recommend the EM 50 *
  • 98% of women want to continue using the EM 50 in future *
  • > 80% of women confirm the device offered pain relief in the first three days of their cycle *

*Observational study by the Institut Prof. Kurscheid on the
effectiveness of the Beurer EM 50 in the reduction of primary dysmenorrhea (PD)-associated menstrual pain.

German Quality since 1919Red Dot Award 2020

Key Features

Heat functionHeat functionHeat function Combination of heat and TENS
Adjustable intensityAdjustable intensityIntensity can be flexibly adjusted to suit the user's needs
TENS technologyTENS technologyTranscutaneous electrical nerve stimulation for pain relief without medication or side effects

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14.02.2022 | Verified purchase
The product is really crazy for me! I have always suffered from very strong pains on the days of my period and now I can say that, since using this electro-stimulator, everything is definitely more bearable and gentle. I no longer dread the arrival of that time of the month...I've said it all. I rec...
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26.11.2021 | Verified purchase
Super fast delivery at exactly the right time. It's already running, super pleasant. The heat is just right and the Tens function stimulates exactly the right area. This makes the endometriosis pain more bearable
28.05.2021 | Verified purchase
This device does what no painkiller in the world has been able to do for me so far: I get through my period well. I'm absolutely thrilled (I've had it for about a year now!) Even the gel pads are still perfect. The battery performance is also marvellous.
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