MG 295 cream

Shiatsu seat cover: Type MG 295 cream
tested by the Institut Prof. Dr. Kurscheid
The test results for the Shiatsu seat cover MG 295 are "very good".
  • Easy operation with manual control switch
  • Massage areas can be selected (upper, lower, full back)
  • 2 speeds for massage
  • Auto switch off after 15 minutes
  • Solid back cover
  • Flexible holding straps
  • Surface of device in leather optics (PU), soft velours and breathable mesh
  • Rated output approx. 60 W
    tested by the Institut Prof. Dr. Kurscheid
    Penetrating 3D back massage

    Penetrating 3D back massage along the spine
    . Shiatsu neck massage

    This Asian “finger pressure massage” ensures holistic relaxation through flowing, circular movements in the neck area.
    Shiatsu, tapping, kneading and rolling massage

    Shiatsu, tapping, kneading and rolling massage
    Spot massage

    With this form of massage, you alone determine the precise application point of the massage by simply pressing a button.
    Cover 40° machine washable Removable cover

    machine-washable at 40°
    MG 295 cream
    Massagesitzauflage: Modell MG 295 cream
    MG 295 cream
    Shiatsu seat cover
    Penetrating 3D back massage, spot massage, soothing roll massage
    approx. 60
    Back approx. 46 x 82 cm, seat approx. 44 x 38 cm
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