Tria by Beurer hair removal laser - The most effective technology for long-lasting hair removal!

Tria by Beurer

Tria by Beurer hair removal laser – the most effective technology for long-lasting hair removal*! Countless cosmetic studios and dermatologists use laser technology – you can now recreate this technology in the comfort of your own home. Discover the LAS 100 SALON EXPERT and LAS 50 PRECISION hair removal lasers from Beurer!

High-end, premium quality for long-lasting hair removal

The Tria by Beurer hair removal lasers work using a patented diode laser technology. They therefore deliver clinically tested, long-lasting results. Up to 61% less hair can be achieved after the first treatment, as much as 70% after the second treatment. Lasting results are visible after just three months.


Both lasers provide maximum safety with the integrated skin tone sensor. The rechargeable battery provides you with cable-free convenient application everywhere. The soothing Smoothstart calming gel is also available to ensure a comfortable treatment.

The hair removal lasers are suitable for light to medium-brown skin types. You can find more information about the areas of application and treatment in our FAQ section.

Find out about the beauty revolution now and achieve long-lasting results – for soft, smooth skin.


* after the first application