Facial sauna

Facial saunas for soothing and effective facial care

Our facial steamers open up the pores in the face, thus enabling deep cleansing of the facial skin. We offer facial saunas for all your needs using various technologies and application options. For added wellness, we offer products with an additional fragrance container for aroma applications and a steam attachment with inhalation option. Our facial sauna with ion technology ensures deep hydration. In addition to the moisturising effect, using the facial sauna also promotes circulation. All steam-based devices come with a suitable measuring jug.

Facial sauna

FS 60

  • Facial sauna attachment for cosmetic facial care
  • Steam attachment for soothing inhalation
  • Scent container for aroma applications

Facial sauna

FS 50

  • For intensive skin care and inhalation
  • Facial sauna attachment for cosmetic facial care
  • Opens pores for more effective cleansing
  • Moisturises skin

Ionic facial sauna

FC 72 Pureo Ionic Hydration

  • Moistens the skin
  • Ion technology for deeper hydration
  • Removable and dishwasher-safe water tank