MP 52 manicure/pedicure attachments

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Beurer manicure/pedicure attachments - MP 52

6 high-quality attachments for the MP 52 manicure set

For use with MP 52 manicure set

Consists of 6 high-quality sapphire and felt attachments:

  • Sapphire wheel, fine: Suitable for filing and treating nails
  • Sapphire cone, fine: Suitable for removing dry skin, calluses on the sole of the foot and heel, and treating the nails
  • Sapphire cone, coarse: Suitable to quickly remove hard skin and large calluses on the sole of the foot and heel. This attachment is intended for application on large areas
  • Felt cone: Suitable for smoothing and buffing the tips of nails after filing and for cleaning the surface of nails
  • Flame-shape cutter: Suitable for removing ingrown nails
  • Sapphire cutter, round: Suitable for removing corns
  • Incl. 10 single-use attachments made from sandpaper
  • In practical packaging for hanging
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