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FAQ Babycare

Baby scales

BY 90

A maximum of 10 measurements can be stored.

You can find a unit controller on the rear of the baby scale, which you can use to change the weight unit.

To ensure a correct weight measurement, please observe the following instructions:

  • Place the scale on a firm, level surface and ensure that your baby is lying calmly on the scale.
  • Uneven or soft surfaces can cause inaccuracies in measurement.
  • If your baby is wriggling while the measurement is being taken, use the HOLD-function and try to calm your little one.
  • The scale may have an incorrect zero point. Switch the baby scale off and on again. Wait until the scale displays "0.000 kg" and repeat the measurement.

This error message has two possible causes:

  • The scale is not on a firm, level surface. Please place the scale on a firm, level surface and ensure that your baby is not wriggling. Re-tare the baby scale.
  • The maximum weight capacity of 20 kg has been exceeded. Please remove weight from the scale.

Your scale is equipped with a low battery indicator. The batteries in the scale are empty. Please replace them (3 x 1.5 V AAA (alkaline type LR03)). After each battery replacement, you must re-synchronise the baby scale with the "beurer BabyCare" app, in order to be able to transfer measurements to the app.

This baby scale has a tare function.
If you have placed a towel or other objects on the baby scale when it is already switched on and you would like to remove these again before weighing, you can also use the TARE function. Once you have pressed the TARE button, "TARE" is shown in the display. To reset the baby scale to "0,000 kg", you have to remove the towel or additional weight from the baby scale and press the TARE button again.

This baby scale has a HOLD function (AUTO HOLD and MECHANICAL HOLD). The AUTO HOLD function (which is activated as standard) establishes the baby's weight on the display as soon as they are still enough to achieve an exact measured value. If the baby is moving around vigorously, the weight cannot be recorded. Therefore, try to calm the wriggling baby to achieve a rapid measurement, but do not touch the baby, as this will affect the weight measurement. As soon as the baby's weight is established on the display, the word 'HOLD' stops flashing and the weight is displayed for 120 seconds.
If the baby is wriggling about too vigorously, you can select the MECHANICAL HOLD function by pressing the HOLD button. After 3 seconds, the word 'HOLD' stops flashing and the averaged weight is displayed for 120 seconds.

If "APP" appears in the display for 120 seconds, the baby scale has not yet been synchronised with the app.
All measurements that have been taken without previous synchronisation cannot then be transferred to the "beurer BabyCare" app.
Connect the baby scale with the app. To use the scale without the app, press on any button on the baby scale and the "APP" symbol will disappear.

  • Install the "beurer BabyCare" app on your mobile end device.
  • The "APP" symbol appears for 120 seconds in the scale display when the baby scale is used for the first time. During this time, you can activate the Bluetooth® function on your mobile end device and open the app.
  • You can then select the baby scale under the "Devices" menu item, and it will be added to the app
  • If you wish to connect the baby scale with the app for the first time when the "APP" symbol has disappeared after 120 seconds, simply press the Bluetooth® button on the scale.

The scale is successfully connected to the app once the Bluetooth® symbol appears in the display. Data will then be automatically transferred.

To transfer the measured weight to the app, press the Bluetooth® button after the measurement has successfully been taken. The readings are transferred to the app as soon as the scale is connected with the app via Bluetooth®. The baby scale automatically switches off once the transfer has been completed successfully.
You can then find all newly transferred measurements in the app. These can then be assigned to the desired baby profile and thus transferred to the app timeline.

Check that you have activated the Bluetooth® function on your mobile end device, and press the Bluetooth® button on the baby scale.
If a Bluetooth® connection can still not be established, this may be due to a number of reasons:

  • The minimum range in the open is approx. 15 m. Walls and ceilings reduce the range.
  • Check whether you currently have an active Bluetooth® connection with other devices such as your smartwatch, fitness tracker or other gadgets. - Disconnect or move the relevant device outside the Bluetooth® range.
  • Other radio waves may interfere with the transmission. - Therefore, do not position the scale near devices such as WiFi routers, microwaves, induction hobs.
  • You are not connected to the app. Close the app completely (including in the background). Switch Bluetooth® off and back on again. Switch the smartphone off and back on again. Remove the batteries from the baby scale for a short period, re-insert them and re-synchronise.

The app is currently available for: List of compatible smartphones

Yes, the scale can also be used without the app. The measurements cannot be transferred without the app, however.

You can create any number of baby profiles in the profile area of the "beurer BabyCare" app. The baby scale transfers all saved measurements to the app. You can then assign the respective measurements to the desired baby profile there.

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