Enjoy every moment in peace - BR 90 relieves insect bites
Beurer Insect Bite Healer

Get ready for a summer outdoors and say 'goodbye' to itching and swelling

Pleasantly warm weather and good friends are the perfect recipe for a great garden party! But unfortunately you also have to consider some unwelcome guests... mosquitoes and insect bites who can soon spoil the fun.

Discover now the insect bite healer range from Beurer, which can gently treat uncomfortable bug bites thanks to the targeted action of heat, without any use of chemicals.

Your allies for treating and healing insect bites and stings


Targeted and effective application, even in the dark

  • Optional light for a precisel use even in the dark
  • 2 separate programmes suitable for sensitive skin and regular users
  • Can help against itching and swelling using the application of heat
  • Without chemicals - suitable for the whole family
You save -20%
Chemical-free, suitable for pregnant women, anti-itching and anti-swelling
Our complete range to meet every need
Optional light
Carabiner included
Medical device

Small yet mighty - an essential every day helper

Woman is using the insect bite healer

Relieving the annoying symptoms caused by insect bites and stings has never been easier: with insect bite healer BR 90, BR 60 and BR 10 you can do it at the touch of a button! Choose the programme best suited to your skin type (3 or 6 seconds of heat), and get back to enjoying your outdoor moments.

Woman uses insect bite healer on her daughter

The treatment of insect bites with BR 90, BR 60 and BR 10 is chemical-free, using only heat. This makes it safe to use on children aged 3+* and suitable for pregnant women.

*Children over 3 and under 12 years of age may only use the product with the assistance of an adult.

Compact design of insect bite healers

Whether travelling, barbecuing, camping or for festivals: thanks to the compact design of the BR 90 and BR 60, or even the "mini" one of the BR 10, you can take your insect bite healer with you in any luggage or pocket and always have it ready for use.

Quick-warming ceramic hot plate

Itching? Simply switch on and start the treatment with heat!

Beurer's insect bite healers apply a specific heat of 50°C that can help to speed up the healing process and reduce itching and swelling caused by insect bites and stings within seconds. Use immediately after a sting or bite for best results!

Depending on the type of device chosen, the ceramic hot plate can allow you to choose between two settings:

Program 1 -  3 seconds of heat for the first application and for sensitive skin.

Program 2 - 6 seconds of heat for regular use or normal skin.

Caution! After using the insect bite healer, make sure to switch it off again using the switch on the side. Otherwise the overheating protection will kick in and the device can no longer be used until it is switched off and then on again.

Customer Review RatingCustomer Review RatingCustomer Review RatingCustomer Review RatingCustomer Review Rating

A well-designed device, easy to use. A special highlight is that there is no "accidental" activation due to the on/off switch. Compared to the competition, there are also no "predetermined breaking points".

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How Does It Work?

Simple application in 3 steps!

Insect bites

Our insect bite healers can achieve the best results if you use them immediately after noticing the sting or bite: switch on the unit, place the insect bite healer in the affected area and press the button.

Use of BR 90

Select the appropriate programme by pressing the button once (for a 3-second application for sensitive skin) or twice in quick concession (for a 6-second application for regular users).

Insect bite heals

The device will signal when the time is up and the heating of the heating plate is automatically stopped. Targeted application of heat to the affected area can accelerate healing and relieve itching and swelling.

Answers to common questions

Who can use the insect bite healer?

The insect bite healer can be used on anyone over 3 years of age under supervision, can be used for self-treatment by anyone over 12 years of age and are safe to use in pregnancy.

When should the insect bite healer be used?

It is best to use the device directly after the sting or after noticing the sting. If required, you can use the heat function of the insect bite healer on the sting/bite again after a break of 2 minutes or also use it immediately on another sting/bite in a different area. The maximum number of 5 applications per hour on the same treatment area must not be exceeded.

How does the insect bite healer work?

The bite healer works by applying heat (local hyperthermia) to the affected area.

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