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Regular exercise is good for you!

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Regular exercise is not only fun and boosts the immune system but it's also very important for your health and helps to prevent various illnesses.

Over half of all adults and 20% of children in Germany are overweight and one of the main reasons is lack of exercise. The consequences of insufficient exercise are serious: Alongside problems in your musculoskeletal system, problems may also develop in your organs and cardiovascular system. Your immune system and metabolism can be damaged. Illnesses that mostly develop gradually due to a lack of exercise are arthritis, intervertebral disc complaints, diabetes and even heart attacks.

Positive effects of physical activity:

â—¾ Reduced risk of heart attack
â—¾ Reduced risk of high blood pressure
â—¾ Reduced risk of osteoporosis and slower onset of the illness
â—¾ Activity and mobility continuing for longer in older people