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Why should I start strength training?

Our metabolism can be boosted greatly through strength training, which then leads to weight loss. Some people are initially surprised at this statement, however. Endurance sport was previously recommended for losing weight. But now to lose abdominal fat, for example, for many people strength training is more effective than endurance sport.

Reasons in favour of strength training:

1. Burning of fat, even on days without training
Through targeted strength training, our little powerhouses, the so-called mitochondria, are increased. These are responsible for burning fat. If you now gain 4 kg in muscle mass, for example, through training, you will burn approximately 200-250 calories more per day. This is about the same as a small plate of spaghetti with sauce.  The body then obtains this amount of energy from the fat reserves. And it even does this on days when you do not train.  

2. Fight cellulite and a bulging belly
Neurotransmitters are activated during strength training. These burn the fat which lies over the muscles. If the muscle now increases, these neurotransmitters cause the layer of fat to become thinner and thinner. Less fat also means that cellulite dimples are reduced.

3. Positive effect on blood pressure
For a slightly elevated blood pressure value, strength training has a positive effect if you avoid holding your breath. This is because new vessels are formed during strength training; the blood can flow more easily and the heart has to do less work. However, if you have hypertension, i.e. high blood pressure, it is recommended that you consult your doctor regarding the training. You can consult a sports physician, for example, in this case.  

4. Strengthening of the immune system
Building up our muscles releases substances that are responsible for repair and growth in our bodies. They counteract premature degeneration of body cells and protect our bodies against premature hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis). They also protect us against infection.

5. Toning of the skin
Strength training also has a positive effect on our skin. This is because the strain on our muscles produces a signalling substance which stimulates the production of collagen. Furthermore: if the muscles grow, the skin is tightened across these muscles, and becomes smoother and firmer.

6. Improvement in posture
Your body becomes more stable overall through strength training, and back and neck pain are reduced. Through strength training, you can also achieve a straighter posture, which in turn has a positive effect on your appearance.

7. Enjoyment of sport
Through strength training, bio-chemical processes are initiated which are responsible for a positive mood. This can be proven even up to one week after training!