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How much energy does the body need?

If you maintain your weight, you will have a good balance of energy. The amount of energy taken in is the same as that consumed. In order to lose weight, we need a negative energy balance. The energy taken in must be reduced and energy consumption increased. This can be achieved by making changes to eating habits, reducing food intake and taking more exercise.

Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR)

BMR is the basic level of metabolism that the body requires when it is resting in order to sustain its normal functions such as breathing, heartbeat, circulation or digestion. BMR varies depending on age, sex, height and weight. Body percentages such as muscle mass also influence BMR. Fatty tissue, for example, needs considerably less energy than muscles. This means that the greater the muscle mass, the higher the basal metabolic rate.

Active Metabolic Rate (AMR)

AMR is effectively the number of calories that we consume on a daily basis depending on our height, sex, age, weight and entered activity level whilst maintaining current weight. AMR can be raised through increased exercise and physical activity. Another useful instrument to help us maintain or reduce our weight.