Babycare by Beurer

Babycare by Beurer

Only the best for our little ones

The Beurer babycare collection comprises a carefully tailored range of products that meets all the needs of babies and parents: From baby monitors, clinical thermometers, baby scales and breast pumps to bottle warmers and steam sterilisers.

Baby food - bottle warmers by Beurer

Baby food/bottle warmers

With the electric baby food warmer, you can quickly and easily warm your prepared baby food gently and evenly – without it becoming too hot and losing important vitamins as a result.

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Baby monitors by Beurer

Baby monitors

A baby monitor monitors the child's sleep so that parents can relax and be assured that their little ones are happy. Beurer baby monitors give parents some of their freedom back, without taking away the constant contact they require with their child. What's more, all Beurer baby monitors have an additional parent unit or can be connected to a mobile device.

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Baby scale by Beurer

Baby scale

A baby's physical development requires a great deal of energy. This is why regular weight control is important. With the specially developed baby scales from Beurer, you will always be able to keep an eye on your child's weight to ensure their healthy development.

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Steam steriliser by Beurer

Steam steriliser

Sufficient hygiene is particularly important with newborns. Steam sterilisation is a safe way of protecting bottles and other utensils from harmful bacteria.

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Breast pumps by Beurer

Breast pumps

Our electric breast pumps provide more freedom for the whole family. The ease of use helps you in your day-to-day life.

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Thermometers by Beurer


Fever is one of the body's natural defence mechanisms. But any change in body temperature in small children still needs to be monitored and treated if necessary. Beurer clinical thermometers reliably inform parents if their child's body temperature is raised.

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Lice comb from Beurer

Lice comb

The practical lice comb makes treating your child much easier should they get lice and nits.

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The inhalers specially developed for your offspring simplify inhalation with child-friendly accessories. They are also ideal for traveling due to their handiness.

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Nasal Aspirator

How to get your child through the cold: The Beurer nasal aspirator cleans the nose very gently, simply and hygienically.

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