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Effective regeneration: Angelique Kerber uses EMS/TENS technology

In professional sport, balanced training, good recovery and the treatment of pain as soon as it occurs are extremely important. To help achieve these goals, electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) can be used as an effective way of building muscle; transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) for pain relief. Tennis star Angelique Kerber also appreciates the advantages this drug-free therapy offers.

The Ulm-based health specialist Beurer has combined both technologies in the EMS/TENS device EM 59 Heat. The product is perfect for precisely treating pain during injury breaks and getting fit again more quickly. Its operating principle is based on the imitation of impulses produced by our bodies, which are transferred through the skin to nerve and muscle fibres via electrodes and, as a result, help muscle building (EMS) or pain relief (TENS). Tennis pro Angelique Kerber is convinced:

"I can use the device both during a workout, for effective recovery afterwards or for the treatment of tension and muscle pain. A period of relaxation must follow every workout so that my body recovers in the best way possible. That's why I make sure to give it the care it needs," says the three-time Grand Slam winner, who is currently in the middle of her preparations for the upcoming US Open after having to pull out of the Olympic Games due to injury.

EM 59 Heat – TENS/EMS device with heat function
The EM 59 Heat medical device offers a total of 64 predefined and six customisable programmes, 50 intensity levels and two heat levels. It also has programmes for building muscle (EMS), massage and relaxation. Using it is simple. The four electrodes, which can be controlled separately via two channels, just have to be attached to the corresponding parts of the body using the self-adhesive gel pads. To help the user place them, the position of the electrodes is also shown in the display. The device has a rechargeable battery with capacity for up to six 20-minute sessions.

"The optional heat function is particularly nice. Thanks to the circulation-boosting and relaxing effect, the muscles can recover after intensive training and any training-related pain can be quickly alleviated," says Kerber.

Further information on the Beurer EM 59 EMS/TENS device is available online at www.beurer.com.