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3 savings tips for staying cosy and warm this winter

Winter is drawing near and high energy costs will once again pose financial challenges for households. Beurer electric heating products, such as heated overblankets, heat pads and heated underblankets, provide targeted heat directly to the parts of the body where it is needed most. Our cosy, warm products can be used to increase heating efficiency and save on heating costs. Starting in November, Beurer will once again embark on a large-scale TV campaign to provide consumers with the valuable energy-saving tips below.

Nobody wants to feel cold in the winter and certainly not in their own home. But many people are forced to turn down the heating to save on energy costs. With its comprehensive range of heating products, Beurer offers local heat for the body, targeted exactly where it is most beneficial.

Cosy warmth doesn't have to be expensive!
A "Calculation table for energy consumption" and the costs of Beurer electric heating products can be found here: Energy cost calculator

Beurer tips for saving energy at home
Beurer energy-saving tip 1: Turn the heating up later in the day and down earlier. A heated blanket or heat pad means you can still stay cosy and save energy.

Beurer energy-saving tip 2: To prevent heat from escaping into the room while using a heated electric blanket, place a normal fluffy blanket over the top. It should completely cover the heated blanket.

Beurer energy-saving tip 3: In bedrooms, always keep heating set to low or even switched off completely. Switch on a heated underblanket approximately 30 minutes before going to bed and place the overblanket over it. This warms the bed while keeping the ambient air cool and fresh for restful sleep.

Of course, consumers shouldn't feel cold at night either.
People are often faced with the decision of whether to put the heating on for a cosy warm bed or turning it off for healthy fresh air. Heated underblankets are heated mattress covers that provide the ideal solution for a cosy warm bed without heating the ambient air.

Sustainable heating product range for that cosy feeling
Beurer offers a comprehensive range of heating products for winter. The Ulm-based health specialist would like to draw particular attention to the new Green Planet series. Though made from recycled materials, it's still soft and cosy – enabling consumers to save energy and protect the environment.

HK 123 XXL Cosy Grey Green Planet Heat Pad
HD 75 Nordic Grey Green Planet Heated Overblanket
UB 60 Green Planet Heated Underblanket

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