Wellbeing-Sortiment von Beurer


Products from the well-being range will ensure that you feel great all over. From heating products, personal bathroom scales, kitchen scales and air and light therapy to massagers and a comprehensive range of products for sleep and rest, Beurer has everything you need for a modern and healthy lifestyle.

Gewicht und Diagnose von Beurer

weight and diagnosis

Whether you want to keep track of your body weight or you have to keep an eye on these values for health reasons – Beurer diagnostic and personal bathroom scales offer the most up-to-date weight control methods.

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Lichttherapie von Beurer

light therapy

Light influences our biorhythm and has a positive impact on our body. Daylight therapy lamps allow you to start your day fresh and in a cheerful mood and our infrared lamps help when you have a cold or muscle tension.

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Luft und Aroma von Beurer

air and aroma

Fresh air and a natural aroma contribute to our well-being and are a solace for our airways. Not having enough humidity can be harmful, not just for people, but for furniture too: Colour peels off quicker and wood cracks. Our pets also prefer a temperate and humid environment.

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Schlaf und Erholung von Beurer

sleep and rest

Healthy and restorative sleep allows people to regenerate and acts as a source of energy. Get to the root of your constant fatigue, analyse your sleep at home as precisely as in a sleep lab and use products to help you fall asleep, sleep through the night and have an active start to the day.

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flexible heating

flexible heating

Beurer has stood for quality and competence in flexible heating since 1919. Our heat products are fitted with the Beurer safety system (BSS) and some also feature electronic temperature regulation. An additional benefit: Thanks to the removable switch, almost all heat products are machine-washable.

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Shiatsu und Massage von Beurer

Shiatsu and massage

Alternative methods of treatment are all the rage. Shiatsu ("finger pressure") is a traditional massage technique from the Far East that involves exerting pressure along the body's meridians. A Shiatsu massage offers a welcome break from the stresses of daily life – after a long day at work or a stressful meeting.

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Achillomed von Beurer


The Beurer PhysioLine relieves pains and makes sure you feel good all over after physical activity. Put unpleasant side effects such as muscle tension, leg and foot pain, or Achilles tendon problems to the back of your mind quickly.

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