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BR 90

Insect bite healer
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Don't worry if you fall victim to an insect bite or sting

Our new BR 90 Insect bite healer helps to prevent itching and swelling. If used directly, it alleviates symptoms of insect bites/stings.

BR 90 use

Preventing insect bites and stings by natural means isn't easy. The BR 90 Insect bite healer is therefore a must-have for at home and on the go.

BR 90 use

The targeted application of heat to the affected area accelerates healing.

BR 90 use

Unpleasant side effects such as itching, burning and swelling are reduced.

BR 90

Easy to use and fast relief

  • 1.

    Place the BR 90 with heating plates on the sting or bite area

  • 2.

    Select either the 3 or 6-second treatment duration

  • 3.

    Acoustic signal after end of treatment

BR 90 The all-purpose tool
The all-rounder

Thanks to the optional light, the BR 90 Insect bite healer is ideal for use in the dark – perfect for any barbecue that lasts into the night.

BR 90 Daily practice
Handy for on the go

The BR 90 is handy and compact and can be taken anywhere – for hiking, camping or travelling.

BR 90 Suitable for the whole family
Suitable for the whole family

The BR 90 only uses heat for treating insect bites and stings and no chemical substances. The application is therefore also suitable for pregnant women.

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Beurer BR 90 Insect bite healer

Insect bite healer for treating insect bites and stings with practical light

Enjoy the moment without scratching

The insect pen is suitable for treating and healing insect bites and stings from mosquitoes, bees or other small insects. To use, simply hold the fast-heating plate on the bite or sting and activate it by pressing the button. By choosing between two different programmes with 3 or 6 seconds of heat, the device is also suitable for regular use or for people with sensitive skin. A real highlight of the mosquito bite healer is the optional light source, which makes it easy to use even in the dark. 

  • For treating insect bites and stings
  • With practical, optional light for precise use even in the dark
  • Heat can accelerate healing
  • Also suitable if you are pregnant as there are no chemical additives - only by means of warmth
  • 2 different programmes
    • Programme 1: for first application and people with sensitive skin
    • Programme 2: for regular use
  • Can help combat itching and swelling
  • Quick-warming ceramic hot plate
  • Modern, practical design
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German Quality since 1919

Key Features

Can help combat itching, inflammation and swelling. Can help combat itching, inflammation and swelling. If used directly, it can accelerate healing.
For treating insect bites and stingsFor treating insect bites and stingsPrecisely placed heat can displace itching.
Optional lightOptional lightOptional light for use in the dark

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09.09.2023 | Verified purchase
This really helps!
A month and a half ago, I ordered the br90, mainly based on the positive reviews (and the fact that mosquitoes apparently like my blood). Now I regret not taking advantage of the combination offer with the travel version (because I still had doubts whether it was as good as claimed). But since then ...
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11.07.2023 | Verified purchase
Very bad site in which you are refused to purchase anything!!!
Spent over half an hour ordering a BR90 for €34.95. Forget it!!! If you enter a bank other than ABN AMRO, it is invariably removed and thus not accepted, as well as IDEAL! Other options are also rejected! All that remains is a shopping cart with 1 item. That one will probably still be in there by Ch...
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