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Beurer fans: a fresh breeze for at home, at the office and on the move

Clean air and a healthy indoor environment have been important issues for Beurer for years. The Ulm-based company offers high-quality air purifiers, humidifiers and washers as well as weather stations and aroma diffusers, which ensure a feel-good atmosphere at home. Two new ideal companions for the summer have now been added to the range: the LV 50 Fresh Breeze Personal Air Fan and Cooler and the LV 200 Tower fan.

A fresh breeze can aid your concentration, boost your well-being and help you find inner peace. The new LV 50 Fresh Breeze and LV 200 products provide targeted refreshment and help you keep cool head on warm summer days.

LV 50 Fresh Breeze Personal Air Fan and Cooler: small and compact for your workplace
The LV 50 Fresh Breeze Personal Air Fan and Cooler is the perfect companion in the office, when working from home, or when homeschooling children. The handy, elegant device leaves you cool and relaxed instead of stressed out when the mercury rises. The air fan and cooler generates air cooling and humidification by a combination of the evaporation principle and ventilation. With its compact size and practical carrying handle, it is ideal for use in various locations and when travelling. The LV 50 cools for up to four hours, has three output levels and is very easy to operate with sensor buttons. The enclosed bottle can be attached to the product in order to provide a cooling effect or air humidification. The LV 50 can also be used purely as a fan without a water bottle. The filter and bottle can be exchanged, making the device particularly hygienic.

Evaporation principle: The air fan draws in the dry warm air from the room, which then comes into contact with the evaporation filter, which is saturated with water. The contact between the air flow and the damp filter surface causes the water to evaporate. The ambient air absorbs the moisture. The thermal energy required for the evaporation process is extracted from it. The perceptible temperature of the ambient air drops.

LV 200 Tower fan: ideal for keeping your home cool
The new LV 200 Tower fan provides a refreshing flow of air in your own home. With its space-saving, modern design, it suits any interior style. Air circulation provides cooling. With a height of 92 cm, an oscillation angle of approx. 50 degrees and three output levels, the tower fan distributes the fresh air flow optimally in the room. The device also has three different modes, which can be switched on depending your personal requirements: in Basic mode, a continuous air flow is generated. In Nature mode, natural breezes are simulated and in Sleep mode, the air flow alternates between low and high levels at long intervals when the display is switched off. The temperature display and timer function (1-15 h) are additional useful features. The LV 200 can be controlled directly on the device or conveniently via the remote control supplied. Thanks to the extra-long cable (2.5 m) and the practical recessed handle, the tower fan can be positioned anywhere in your home.

Technical data:

LV 50 Fresh Breeze
Dimensions (LxWxH): 14.0 x 14.0 x 11.7 cm
Weight: Approx. 460 g (including micro USB cable)
Principle: Air cooling and humidification through evaporation principle and ventilation

LV 200
Dimensions (LxWxH): 14.0 x 14.0 x 92.0 cm
Height of fins: 46 cm
Weight: Approx. 460 g (including micro USB cable)
Principle: Air cooling and humidification through evaporation principle and ventilation