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Cooperation between Beurer and Barbara Becker promises high-quality moments of relaxation

The Ulm-based family-run company Beurer is now working together with Barbara Becker. As a specialist in health and well-being with over 100 years of experience, Beurer has outstanding expertise – including in the area of well-being and self-care. With its special products with a high-quality design, the Ulm-based company finds simple ways to make life more pleasant, offering the best solution for every area and any training session. One person who can appreciate our expertise is the self-made fashion, beauty and fitness entrepreneur and mother of two Barbara Becker. In addition, she perfectly complements Beurer's philosophy. She also knows what it takes to feel good in your own skin and to look after your body properly. In her many videos, she gives tips and tricks for how to use certain exercises to relax your body. Using this advice, anyone can enjoy a little moment just to themselves.

"With Barbara Becker, we have a strong woman by our side who represents our philosophy in an absolutely authentic manner," says Kerstin Glanzer, Head of Marketing at Beurer. "Just like her, Beurer remains innovative and true to itself at all times." The partnership between Beurer and Barbara Becker promises everyday moments of relaxation, as well as high-quality product highlights. The focus, for example, is on the MG 280 yoga & stretching mat for stretching the muscles and relaxing, as well as the TL 100 daylight therapy lamp, which is designed to positively affect mood and well-being and promote production of the "happy hormone" serotonin. The EM 70 Wireless TENS/EMS device for medication-free pain relief therapy is compact and can be taken anywhere; the MG 320 Shiatsu air compression seat cover transforms any ordinary chair or armchair into a high-quality massager.

All of the Ulm-based family-run company's products offer suitable long or short "time-outs" that can help anyone to improve their well-being. Barbara Becker knows just how important this is: "Our body is like a precious treasure that we should pay close attention to and treat with care," says the 55-year-old. "We all have untapped potential – we just have to awaken it. The key to this is a healthy lifestyle, which includes not only fitness, but also relaxation, good sleep, letting go of stress and being kind to yourself."