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IMB 2019 - maremed®: marine climate for at home

Asthma, allergies or respiratory diseases – air pollution stresses our bodies and can have severe health consequences. In order to prevent long-term damage, natural treatment methods are gaining ground in particular. A holiday or retreat by the seaside usually significantly relieves the affected person's symptoms. The salt and mineral content in the air is particularly soothing for the airways. With the maremed® marine climate device, Beurer has developed a new combination product that allows you to create a marine climate just like in nature in your own home at any time. It will be presented for the first time at the IFA Innovations Media Briefing from 10 to 11 July in Berlin.

The ambient air is cleaned, mineralised, sterilised, ionised and humidified using the maremed® marine climate device. The intelligent, coordinated system works with the addition of special natural sea salt produced exclusively for Beurer which contains more than 65 trace elements. The biodynamics of the seaside are simulated according a patented principle with this device:

1.) Sea salt solution: the maremed® special sea salt is blended with tap water into a sea salt solution.
2.) Air cleaning: the fan draws in the ambient air. A pre-filter removes dirt particles, pollen, fine/domestic dust and animal hair from the air.
3.) Mineralisation: the water that is enriched with special salt circulates continuously with the assistance of the fan and encourages mineralisation of the air following the example of nature.
4.) Sterilisation: through the use of the UVC lamp, 99% of bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms are eliminated from the air aerosol.
5.) Air ionisation and humidification: an ioniser part provides additional cleaning and freshness before the air is emitted to the environment again.

The maremed® marine climate device can improve breathing intensity and general well-being. It humidifies the airways in a natural manner, helps to relieve asthmatic complaints and promotes restful sleep. The air is humidified without vapour formation or salt deposits in your home. The device can be operated via the LCD display with a sensor touch button. You can also choose between three humidification levels, a timer function (1-24h) and a night mode that can enrich ambient air with extremely quiet operation while the control panel is switched off, even when you are sleeping. The product is suitable for room sizes of up to 50 m² and is easy to clean without chemical additives due to its minimalistic design. The 6-litre water tank with automatic switch-off and the large air outlet give maremed® a wide range of uses, for example in the office, a child's bedroom, the living room and bedroom as well as in a hotel room or during a stay at a health resort.

Technical data:
maremed® marine climate device
- Dimensions: 31 x 38.5 x 34 cm
- Includes 2 pre-filters, water filter and maremed® special sea salt
- Suitable for rooms up to 50 m²