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MEDICA 2018: WL 50 wake up light - bring the sunrise right into your bedroom

Gone are the days of a noisy alarm abruptly tearing you from your sleep. The new Beurer WL 50 wake up light helps to wake you up gently, in harmony with your natural sleep rhythm. The secret is a soft light, which creates the effect of the rising sun with its colours. This enables a relaxed start to the morning. The WL 50 can also be used as a sleeping aid or a mood light. Beurer is presenting the new wake up light with all its smart features at MEDICA 2018.

WL 50 – wake up gently, start your day right

The WL 50 magically creates a sunrise right in your own bedroom. Its gradually brightening light changes colour subtly from red to yellow and then to white. The time frame can be changed to 10, 20 or 30 minutes. Then the set alarm sounds. This allows you to wake up gently, in harmony with your natural sleep rhythm and creates the best conditions to start the day right. The user can choose between ten radio memory spaces, an alarm tone or two wake-up melodies. The intensity of the wake up light can be set individually. The WL 50 has a snooze function of up to 30 minutes. What's more, two different alarm times can be set – for example for different wake-up times on a weekday and at the weekend. The device can also be used as a radio. As a special feature it is also possible to play your own music via Bluetooth® streaming, or AUX input using the Bluetooth® speakers.

The WL 50 can be used to help you fall asleep in the evening. This gives you the option to simulate a sunset, where the light slowly darkens after 15, 30 or 60 minutes, filling the room with soothing red tones. Let yourself relax to a calming lullaby, radio or your own music. The music will then switch off automatically.

The wake up light can also be used practically as a bedside light or LED mood light with changing or fixed colours. The sensor surface on the top of the loudspeaker has intuitive and simple touch operation for the alarm (on/off), snooze function, brightness and mood light. The WL 50 works with the mains or can be battery operated. Battery operation makes it a useful companion when you're on the move or travelling.

This and other Beurer products will be showcased from 12 to 15 November 2018 at MEDICA in Hall 10, Stand D20.