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MEDICA 2023: Workout Next-Level: EMS Suit Evolution is here!

Antelope by Beurer is synonymous with short and very effective workouts. Users don't have to go to the gym, but can instead bring the training unit into their own home or even train in the great outdoors. Amateur athletes, as well as professionals such as tennis star Angelique Kerber, benefit from this popular form of training which increases training intensity by means of targeted stimulation of the muscles. Beurer will be at the international MEDICA trade fair presenting its Evolution EMS suits, two tank tops, the Corefit I training belt and the Corefit II abdominal and back muscle belt.

What is EMS?
EMS is synonymous with electrical muscle stimulation and is used to intensify muscle building. Electrical muscle stimulation devices work by imitating the body's own impulses, and using electrodes to transmit these impulses to muscle fibres via the skin. The electrodes can be applied to many parts of the body, as the electrical signals produced are completely harmless and painless. Using EMS devices promotes faster muscle building and can increase calorie consumption.

Antelope by Beurer Evolution EMS suit – shirt & shorts
The Antelope by Beurer Evolution EMS suit offers very comfortable wear and is designed in separate versions to suit male and female anatomy. The combination of shirt, shorts and 8-channel booster (control unit) facilitates intensive full-body training.

• 18 high-tech silicone electrodes: the shirt includes 12 electrodes on the chest, stomach, upper arm, neck, middle back and lower back, and the shorts have six electrodes on the buttocks and front and back of the thighs.
• Comfortable with a perfect fit: An integrated zip makes the close-fitting EMS suit easy to put on. The material is breathable and machine-washable.
• Sizes and size combinations: The suit is available in female and male versions, each in a range of sizes. The shirt and shorts for women are available in sizes XS to XL, and for men from S to XXL. Beurer makes it possible to combine different sizes to obtain the perfect training outfit for the user, and also offers a leggings version for additional calf-muscle stimulation.

Tennis pro Angelique Kerber is convinced:
"The Antelope EMS suit is the perfect option for anyone who wants to achieve more."

Antelope by Beurer EMS tank top
The EMS tank top with eight electrodes and booster is suitable for high-intensity back and abdominal training. The tank top can also be paired with the shorts or leggings for intense full-body training – see also the Antelope Suit. The tank top is available in sizes XS to XL for women and sizes S to XXL for men.

Antelope Go app – for individualised training
With the "Antelope Go" app, the user has the option of configuring programmes to suit their personal training objectives:
• warm-up, fitness, sport, strength-building, recovery.
• Training intensity settings adjustable from 0 to 100.
• Muscle groups can be individually controlled.
• The different programmes support sports, fitness and HIIT (high-intensity interval training).
• When using the suit or the tank top, 42 EMS programmes can be accessed, to suit every performance level.
• Possible uses: The suits are ideal for physical exercise, rehabilitation, strength-building and recovery.
• Comprehensive body analysis: Data can be transferred to the app from the Beurer Connect diagnostic bathroom scale.

Antelope by Beurer EMS abdominal and back muscle belt
Beurer is expanding its Antelope range with Corefit I, a new abdominal training belt, and Corefit II, a new abdominal and back muscle belt. Both are intended for supplementary training and offer effective, powerful, yet straightforward operation. Different body zones are trained by means of four electrodes on each belt.

The following applies to both fitness devices...
• Removable controller with LCD
• Intensity adjustable from 0 to 40. For customised muscle stimulation if required, two adhesive electrodes can be ordered for additional connection to the controller.
• 9 EMS programmes for endurance, fitness and HIIT (high-intensity interval training), muscle- and strength-building as well as recovery.
• Other functions: countdown timer, safety switch-off, pause function, automatic switch-off, key lock and low battery indicator.


Corefit I und Corefit II - Unterschiede im Vergleich

Corefit I
EMS Abdominal Toning Belt
Corefit II
EMS Bauch- und Rückenmuskelgürtel
Training area:
central and lateral abdominal muscles
Training area:
central abdominal muscles and lower back muscles
Electrodes: 4x on the stomach Electrodes: 2x stomach, 2x back
Flexible abdominal belt:
can be used for waist circumferences from 70 to max. 140 cm (28 to 55 inches), with extension strap included
Flexible abdominal belt:
for waist circumferences from 75 to max. 130 cm


Antelope advantages
• The mobile EMS system lets you train anywhere at any time.
• The Antelope EMS suit can be integrated into almost all types of training.
• Muscles can be individually controlled, which enables targeted muscle training.
• The Antelope massage program supports muscle recovery after training.


Further information can be found on the Antelope website.

All Beurer highlights can be viewed at the MEDICA trade fair stand from 13 to 16 November 2023, in Hall 10 at Stand D20.
Information about other MEDICA highlights can be found in the Press Area.

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