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IFA 2023: all about that cosy “hygge” feeling

It's "hygge" time again! Ulm-based health specialist Beurer will be at IFA, Stand 216 in Hall 4.1, presenting its HomeLine which has been expanded with three innovative new products. The range previously consisted of the MG 330 Shiatsu massage seat cover, FM 120 foot massager and LR 401 WIFI air purifier. Coinciding with the start of the trade fair, Beurer is adding the LB 200 and LB 300 Plus air humidifiers as well as the LA 35 aroma diffuser to this product line.

The Beurer HomeLine represents maximum relaxation and cosy design. High-quality textiles and subtle colours evoking the Danish "hygge" style give the whole range a unique feel-good character. So it' s no surprise that the two massagers received the coveted Red Dot Design Award in 2023, in recognition of outstanding product design, as well as the "Special Mention" award in the "Excellence in Business to Customer – Medical & Health" category from the German Innovation Award.

Relaxation in style
The MG 330 Shiatsu massage seat cover combines modern interior style and function. The model is available in the two on-trend and typically Scandinavian colours of light grey and petrol blue. It provides the user with a deep back and neck massage. The high-quality fabric is an easy-care material, while the seat and neck area covers are washable at 30 degrees.
Other product features include:
• 4-head massage system, rotating in pairs
• 4D massage heads that simulate real hands on the
neck area
• Spot function
• 2 intensity levels
• Height and angle of the neck area can be adjusted
• Easy operation with manual control switch
• Ergonomic shell-shaped seat
• Can be used on all seats that have sufficient seat depth and
a back rest
• Solid back cover

From a decorative feature to a massager
The advanced FM 120 light grey footstool transforms into a foot massager in seconds. This ensures that the FM 120 2-in-1 Shiatsu foot massager integrates beautifully into your home environment.
Other special features of the massager include:
• Circulation-boosting foot reflexology
• Air pressure massage with 3 intensity levels
• 3 pre-set massage programmes and optional heat function
• Washable and removable cover, suitable for handwashing
• Easy operation with wireless manual control switch
• Colour LEDs for function display
• Suitable for up to shoe size 46
• Non-slip rubber feet

Well-being through perfect air quality
Optimal indoor air quality influences both well-being and health, making the app-controlled LR 401 WIFI air purifier, the LB 200 and LB 300 Plus air humidifiers and the LA 35 aroma diffuser home essentials.

The LB 200 and LB 300 Plus air humidifiers ensure hygienic humidification of the air, with up to 99% less bacteria1) released into the ambient air thanks to natural cold evaporation technology. The filter drying function dries the filter after use, to reduce the build-up of bacteria.
Other functions of the two air purifiers:
• Suitable for room sizes2) up to 30 m2 (LB 200) and up to 45 m2 (LB 300 Plus)
• 3 humidification levels
• Humidification output: LB 200 max. 200 ml/h
• Humidification output: LB 300 Plus max. 300 ml/h
• 3 fan speed settings
• Hygienic cold evaporation
• Tank capacity: 3 l
• Colour-coded humidity indicator (LB 300 Plus)
• With intelligent automatic mode
• Timer function: 1-9 hour(s)
• With night mode
• Even distribution of humidified air thanks to 360° design
• Digital humidity indicator
• Replaceable filter with filter change indicator

The LR 401 WIFI air purifier fits perfectly with the "hygge" philosophy, as it features a distinctive design with fabric covering, while its special functions mean it also provides a greater sense of well-being.
• Air cleaning with a filter performance of 99.95%3) using a three-layered filter system4) (pre-filter + HEPA H13 filter + activated carbon)
• Convenient control and monitoring of indoor air at home and on the go with the "beurer FreshHome" app
• Colour-coded ambient air quality indicator
• Additional cleaning via optional ultraviolet light
• Smart Sensor – recognises fine dust with particle sizes from 2.5 µm
• 4 fan levels + turbo mode
• Timer function
• With smart automatic function: adjusts cleaning performance to suit the indoor air quality
• With night mode: super-quiet operation with control panel switched off
• Suitable for room sizes5) up to 69 m²

The new LA 35 aroma diffuser is so beautifully designed, that only at second glance do you realise it is a technology product rather than an ornamental piece. The stylish design with fabric covering perfectly matches the "hygge" style of the other HomeLine products. Ultrasound technology ensures micro-fine atomisation of the water and water-soluble aromatic oils, to enrich indoor air with a pleasant fragrance.
• 2-level operation
• Suitable for room sizes up to around 20 m2
• Quiet operation
• Atomisation possible with and without light
• Tank capacity: 120 ml
• Suitable for Beurer aromatic oil: vitality, 100% natural organic oil, without synthetics or commercially available water-soluble aromatic oils

The Beurer HomeLine range video is available online, as are the product videos for the LB 200 and LB 300 Plus.

All the Beurer highlights will be presented at IFA from 1 to 5 September 2023 in Hall 4.1, at Stand 216.

1) Compared to standard ultrasonic air humidifiers which do not have any additional technology to reduce the spread of bacteria, tested by an independent institute.
2) Calculation in accordance with AHAM HU-1-2016
3) Tests show: our three-layer filter system with HEPA H13 filter filters out at least 95% of particles with a size from 0.02 μm (viruses are generally 0.02–0.3 μm in size). For particles ≥ 0.3 µm in size, the filter performance is as high as up to 99.95%. For comparison: according to the German Federal Centre for Health Education, viruses are generally 0.02–0.3 µm in size. (https://www.infektionsschutz.de/infektionskrankheiten/erregerarten/viren.html)
4) How the air purifier works: Domestic dust, animal hair, odours, pollen, harmful gases and various bacteria and viruses are filtered out of the air using a three-layer filter system.
5) Calculation in accordance with NRCC-54013-2011
6) All information is subject to change


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