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Take Beurer with you in your family’s suitcases

The summer holiday season is already in full swing and that means it's the season for travel. Frequent travellers often don't have much space in their suitcases! Families in particular often face a major challenge in deciding what is small and important enough to take with them on a big trip. Beurer has a few tips on essentials for a travel first-aid kit and your family's baggage.

No excess baggage at the airport
Anyone travelling by plane knows all too well what it's like to worry about being hit with excess baggage charges. To avoid this costly problem, Beurer recommends taking a luggage scale with you. The LS 10 is both a luggage scale and a flashlight within a single device. Thanks to its compact size, it can also be optimally stowed in your baggage and can do its job for the journey home.

Travel first-aid kit: prepared for any emergency
A travel first-aid kit is a must-have for any well-planned trip. In addition to plasters, ointments, etc., the Ulm-based health specialist recommends having a traditional instant thermometer such as the FT 15/1 on hand. The medical device is small, handy, a reliable helper in an emergency, and displays your body temperature in around 10 seconds. Insect bite healers such as the BR 90 are valuable additions to any travel first-aid kit and offer a medication-free solution for those bothersome and itchy insect bites and stings. A quick-heating ceramic hot plate reduces itching and swelling – without the use of any chemicals.

By the way, an insect bite healer can also be used worry-free on children. Of course, a nasal aspirator such as the NA 20 is also a great addition to any travel first-aid kit if you are travelling with children. Annoying nasal discharges can be removed gently and hygienically if your child suddenly gets a sniffly nose. This makes breathing and eating easier and ensures your child can enjoy a comfortable and restful sleep.
Baby food and bottle warmers such as the BY 52 are also perfect for taking on holiday. Hotels don't always have the right equipment for babies and infants, but these devices mean that baby food and bottles can be easily and gently heated and kept warm – meaning you can ensure your child receives top-quality nutrition, even when you are in an unfamiliar environment.

Keeping an eye on your little one
Holidays are not just a special highlight of the year for your children, parents also look forward to some variety, relaxation, and those feel-good moments. Once the children have gone to bed, parents often make the most of the time and enjoy the evening in comfort. Be it at the nearby hotel bar or in a neighbouring tent on the campsite, you need reassurance that your children are sleeping safely.

The Beurer BY 110 Video Baby Monitor keeps an eye on your little ones at all times. The BY 110 has a temperature display, which is particularly useful for ensuring your baby sleeps well in warm climates.

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