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A new TV campaign is tackling insect bites

The new TV campaign from Beurer, the Ulm-based health specialist, will be launched on 9 June 2023. True to the motto "Enjoy the moment without any scratching," the TV advert will be broadcast until 31 August 2023 in Germany and the Netherlands. The theme of the advert is ideal for the summer and garden party season and it draws attention to the product range of insect bite healers.

The new TV advert shows a garden party on a warm summer evening with a relaxed atmosphere, cosy ambience, and a table filled with food. If only it wasn't for those pesky little midges and mosquitoes. They waste no time biting you without being noticed and leave the skin feeling itchy. So what can be done? A freeze frame, the scene is frozen in time. Only the lead actor is still moving. She pulls her insect bite healer out of her bag, holds it on the affected area for a few seconds, before the party then continues without a care in the world.

Kerstin Glanzer, Director Marketing at Beurer GmbH, reflecting on the advertising spot:
"Whether you're at a cosy garden party, doing outdoor activities, or you're camping, the TV advert addresses a topic that affects everyone. With our campaign, our goal is to draw attention to our brand, strengthen it, and make the product range even more tangible."

Insect bite healer and the soothing effect on symptoms
The insect bite healer is suitable for treating and healing insect bites and stings from mosquitoes, bees, or other small insects through the application of heat (local hyperthermia). Within its range, Beurer offers three medical devices for the medication-free relief of itching and swelling with the BR 90, BR 60 and BR 10. A rapidly heating plate is activated at the push of a button. The heat destroys the injected proteins that induce the body's immune response that takes the form of swelling and itching, and thus provides relief from these symptoms.

You can find out more about insect bite healers on the Beurer website at www.beurer.com or here

The TV advert can be viewed on the Beurer YouTube channel: