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Comfort at home: Cosy warmth doesn't have to cost the world

The current political and economic climate is posing major challenges for companies and consumers alike. Our everyday lives have become expensive. In addition to rising prices for food and fuels, the increased cost of energy has become a particular issue. Many gas suppliers are currently increasing their prices to end customers, and the costs of heating oil and electricity are also skyrocketing. It is therefore worthwhile thinking about the cold autumn and winter months now and preparing accordingly. Beurer heat products offer a whole host of advantages. Not only do they provide many cosy hours at home, they also have the potential to save you money on your electricity and energy bills.

Beurer heat pads, heated overblankets, foot warmers and heated underblankets provide cosy warmth exactly where it is needed. What is special about them is that the user is in direct contact with the heated device, meaning it heats the body rather than the entire room and less energy is lost. The heat products can therefore be used very efficiently and, overall, can even be more economical than the heating system in the house. That doesn't just mean a lower electricity bill, because every time you turn down the thermostat a degree, you have the potential to save energy as well.

Targeted heat exactly where you need it
The right device is available to meet any requirement. For example, Beurer's range includes special and cuddly heat pads that are ideal for shoulders and neck, a freezing back or cold feet. Heated underblankets can help you get a good night's sleep, and heated overblankets are perfect for spending cosy hours on the sofa. Different materials from comfortably soft to super-fleecy are available, as are different sizes extending all the way through to XXL, making for a very effective range providing exactly what you need. Beurer heat products are also certified in accordance with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, which means that the textiles used meet the stringent human and ecological requirements of the OEKO-TEX® community (06.0.43510 Hohenstein HTTI, http://www.oeko-tex.com).

Turning down the heating pays off: The clever way to use heat products
Thanks to the electronic temperature regulation function on the products, everyone can find their ideal level of warmth and they only use the amount of energy they really need. Many devices are also equipped with an automatic switch-off function which automatically terminates the heating program. This also helps to ensure safe use and prevents the user from getting a nasty surprise when they read their electricity bill if they forget to switch off the device. The tried-and-tested Beurer safety system (BSS) additionally prevents the device from overheating. All in all, with their targeted heat input, heat pads, heated overblankets, etc. can be a real energy-saving alternative and a useful and efficient aid in the cold autumn and winter months. You can also see Beurer's heat range in a new video. Further product information can be found on the relevant Beurer webpage (in German only) and at: www.beurer.com/energy.

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