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Relief through massage

Often a soothing massage is enough to prevent or effectively relieve tension in the neck or back area. The powerful Shiatsu massage, in particular, is often found to be very effective. Depending on the intensity and applied pressure, this type of massage can also work deep into the tissue and is ideal for relaxing aching muscles and general tension.

Massage has various uses – it is used in healthcare or to accompany fitness and training regimes. As well as increasing your general sense of well-being, it is also helps relieve muscle aches, tension, circulatory disorders and symptoms of fatigue. The additional heat intensifies the effect of massage by promoting circulation as well as warming the surface of the skin. This allows the deeper layers of tissue and muscle to be reached as well.

How does massage work?

A massage is often the ideal remedy for muscle tension, pains or general fatigue. The massage promotes blood supply to the skin and muscles and has a relaxing effect on them. It also helps loosen up stiff muscles. A massage can thus also help to relieve pain.