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Mid-size company meets start-ups - we are looking for doers, visionaries, geeks, realists and go-getters! Beurer supports interesting projects in the fields of digital health, wearable technology, active / sports, babycare, wellbeing, lifelogging, beauty, digital care, treatment, lifestyle, etc.

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Do you have a creative idea? We have the experience and expertise – the perfect combination for ensuring your success! Our process is as follows:

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From a traditional company to a digital health specialist

Beurer was founded in 1919 in Ulm and is synonymous with health and well-being. Today we are leaders in multiple product fields in this segment. With around 900 employees worldwide, our products are delivered to more than 100 countries. Over the past 100 years, we have developed into a pioneering company in the healthcare sector through innovative ideas and numerous patents.
We offer a range of 500 products for a healthy lifestyle and hold reliable quality, winning design and innovative solutions at the forefront of everything we do. With an app world that was developed in-house, teamed with the "Connect" product group, we also open the door to tailored personal health monitoring.

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A smart start with Beurer - we support your idea!


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Personality. We are people-oriented. This is why our collaborations are based around personal, creative exchange. In this way we can develop a strategy together. This is, after all, a project from the heart!

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Expertise & know-how. As experts with 100 years of experience, we already have many trends under our belt. Our developers and product managers are always working meticulously on new concepts to improve our products and make them more future-oriented by integrating them in connected devices. Let us hear your ideas!

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Market access. Beurer has a good contact and distribution network in the online and retail business. We know the industry intimately, deliver our products to over 100 countries and can provide you with optimal support when entering established markets and tapping into new ones. In doing so, we take local market requirements into consideration and advise you on
the topics of certification and approval.

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Investment. A good concept needs capital to grow. As investors, we can propel you forward in terms of realising your business idea. Our responsibility doesn't end with a signature, we remain by your side from the initial idea all the way to series production. With a suitable collaboration structure, both sides will profit long-term.

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Production & quality assurance. Where would be the best place for production in the industry? We will gladly involve our contacts in Europe and Asia when it comes to ensuring economical production, purchasing or quality assurance. We keep an eye on the target market, retail price and costs, so that the product is saleable and successful.

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After sales & marketing. After production is when communication really takes off! Our experience in after sales is a guarantee for continuing success. We support you with customer service, customer satisfaction and generating customer loyalty. We'll even bring our marketing expertise.


Beurer cooperates with numerous start-ups.

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