The Beurer Foundation.

Helping disadvantaged children and families to help themselves — in Germany and around the world.

The Beurer Foundation was founded in January 2015 and is recognised as a non-profit foundation. Among other things, this means that the income received by the foundation must only be used for charitable purposes, that the foundation is established on a long-term basis and the causes therefore benefit from long-term support. In addition, the assets of the foundation are always at their disposal. The Beurer Foundation is completely financed through profit distributions from Beurer GmbH and generous donations. The distribution of profits means that the foundation's finances are not affected by interest rate fluctuations of the financial market.

As a medium-sized family company with firm roots in the Ulm region, Beurer feels a special affinity towards the region. This is why we have been supporting projects in Ulm and the surrounding area for many years. With the transfer of partnership shares into the independent, non-profit Beurer Foundation, we have concentrated our commitment and provided an excellence basis in order to support even more projects in the future.

You can find out all about the foundation and the projects we support on the new Beurer Foundation website.

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