Fall asleep, sleep through and wake up better

These days a healthy night's sleep is more important than ever! The demands on our everyday lives are constantly increasing. Family and job, exercise and sport, meeting friends and simply relaxing – we have to fit in all this and much more. Healthy and restorative sleep allows people to regenerate and acts as a source of energy. With its complete portfolio, Beurer offers products to aid healthy sleep and active days – developed by experts, medically trialled and tested.


Fall asleep better

The perfect environment helps you get to sleep. The ultra-quiet LB 37 air humidifier ensures that your bedroom has an optimum indoor environment. The right humidity facilitates restful sleep. The SleepWell aroma oil from Beurer complements this with scents of arolla pine and lavender. The aroma calms and relaxes both the mind and the body.

With the TL 55 Day & Night brightlight, you will not only wake up with more energy in the morning, you will also get to sleep more easily at night. This is because using it at night will support your biorhythm. The simulation of evening light will help you to fall asleep and the natural rhythm of day and night is promoted.

The WL 75 wake-up light supports the slow transition from being awake to being asleep with gentle sleep melodies. Sound therapy has a calming effect on our mind and helps us to switch off in the evening.


Sleep through the night better

Good air quality is important for sleep. The LB 37 air humidifier helps to create the optimum indoor environment when the ambient air is too dry. This prevents the nose and mucous membranes from drying out during the night and you will wake up feeling refreshed and recuperated.

Pollen, bacteria, pet hair, dust or even mould can make life particularly difficult for people with allergies and this remains the case at night. We spend around one third of the day asleep and therefore the air in our bedroom should be free from anything that may disturb a peaceful night's sleep. The LR 200 air purifier provides clean air by filtering the air in your bedroom. The air is kept clean with a three-layered filter system (prefilter + HEPA filter + activated carbon filter).

The HM 55 thermo hygrometer allows you to monitor your perfect indoor environment. The device not only displays the temperature in the bedroom, it also provides information about the humidity. A colour indicator informs you of the quality of the indoor environment.

Snoring is a common cause of restless nights. It causes problems for both the snorer and for the person who shares their bed. This annoying noise can be prevented with a simple remedy. The SL 70 snore stopper is a gentle form of snoring therapy and reduces loud noises. Attached behind the ear, the device detects the noise being made by the wearer and the structure-borne noise and releases a quiet tone and vibration pulse. This may trigger, for example, a change in the sleeping position and reduce snoring. Now nothing can stand in the way of a restful night! One thing is certain: relaxed sleep is essential for a healthy life.


Wake up better

After having enjoyed a relaxing night's sleep, you need to have an optimum start to the day. When there is sufficient daylight, cortisol is released and revives you. The WL 75 wake-up light helps to wake you up gently by simulating a sunrise. The addition of wake-up melodies helps you to have an energetic start to the day.

Those who need a dose of light in the morning should use the TL 55 Day & Night brightlight. With 10,000 lux, you can start the day full of energy.