Küchenwaagen von Beurer

Beurer kitchen scales

High precision, modern processing

Discover the latest generation of Beurer kitchen scales that offer you the exact functions you need. The scales have a unique design and offer a high level of accuracy. Some are equipped with a bowl or you can save space by hanging them on the wall. Some models even accurately display the nutritional value of ingredients to the gram. This gives you full control over your nutrition or diet. Built-in timers give you the support you need while cooking.

Kitchen scale

KS 34 XL Stainless Steel

  • With hold function: long-lasting weight display after weighing large items
  • Anti-fingerprint: surface coated and easy to clean
  • Magic LED: display appears only during measurement

Kitchen scale

KS 19 Black

  • Modern touch key operation
  • Practical tare weight function
  • Capacity: 11 lbs

Kitchen scale

KS 34 white

  • Invisible display: only appears during measurement
  • High precision (0.1 oz / 1 g) and capacity (33 lb / 15 kg)
  • With tare and hold function

Kitchen scale

KS 26

  • Easy-to-clean glass weighing surface
  • With practical tare weighing
  • Illuminated display