Beurer Sleepline

Beurer SleepLine

Fall asleep, sleep through the night and wake up more easily

Beurer SleepLine products are perfectly designed to complement each other and help you to fall asleep quicker, sleep through the night and have an active start to the day in the morning. The Day & Night daylight therapy lamp with red twilight and the underblankets for a pleasantly pre-heated bed help you to fall asleep gently. Air humidifiers, air purifiers and weather stations ensure you have a comfortable environment and snore stoppers mean you can have a relaxing sleep through the night and can monitor your sleep precisely. The next morning, you are woken up gently with the slowly brightening light of the wake up light – for a well-rested start to your day.

WN 50

  • 6 soothing sounds
  • Perfect for sleeping, relaxing, studying and concentrating
  • Change sounds with a single button

Wake up light

WL 75

  • Fall asleep naturally and wake up gently with simulated sunlight
  • With fall-asleep and wake-up melodies to support your sleep rhythm
  • Innovative smartphone connection