Körpermassage von Beurer

Full body massage by Beurer

Customised relaxation at the touch of a button

Beurer massagers are a practical aid for wellness – whether it's a penetrating tapping massage, a soothing vibration massage, the optional infrared heat function or mobile operation with our mini massager. For blissful relaxation just when you need it most!

Infrared massager

MG 21

    • Soothing and relaxing vibration massage
    • Infrared heat can be selected separately
    • 3 interchangeable massage attachments (2x nub attachment, brush attachment)

Mini massager

MG 16

    • Gentle vibration massage
    • Relaxation for any occasion – at home, at the office or on the move
    • Ideal for back, neck, arms and legs

Neck massager


    • Waterproof vibration massage pillow for use in bathtub
    • relaxing vibration massage for the neck & shoulder
    • Soft and fluffy pillow cover

Neck massager

MG 115

    • Heat function for soothing relief from neck pain
    • soft waves vibration massage loosens muscles
    • Ease to use, two massage levels