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Beurer air washers, air purifier, air humidifiers

Healthy ambient air for breathing deeply

A relative humidity of 40 to 60% is essential for a comfortable living and work environment. The relative humidity often drops below this recommended percentage when using indoor heating or during dry summers. Air washers draw in the ambient air using a ventilator and filter out any particles of dirt in the air. Don't give domestic dust, pollen, animal hair or odours a chance! At the same time, these devices release humidified air into the environment.

Air humidifier

LB 45

    • Micro-fine ultrasonic atomisation
    • For rooms up to approx. 30 m²
    • Quiet: can also be used in the bedroom

Air washer

LW 110

    • Air humidification and air cleaning in one device
    • Auto-regulating humidification or ambient air by cold evaporation
    • cleans air without filter mats, removes dust, pollen, animal hair and odor

Air purifier

LR 500

    • Convenient control and monitoring of ambient air both at home and on the go via the beurer “FreshHome” app
    • Monitors ambient air and automatically adjusts fan speed
    • Removes up to 99.95% of allergens such as-domestic dust mites, pollen, etc. – air cleaning through three-layered filter system (prefilter + activated carbon filter + HEPA 13)
    • Creation of individual air cleaning plans for each day of the week

Air humidifier

LB 55

    • Humidifies dry ambient air with water evaporator technology
    • Hygienic, odour-free and bacteria-free
    • Humidification output up to 400ml/h
    • For rooms up to approx. 50m²

Air humidifier

LB 37 white

    • With ultrasound humidification technology – energy-efficient and quiet
    • For room fragrancing – suitable for aroma oils
    • With night mode – quiet operation and no bright lights
Air purifier
Air purifier

Air purifier

LR 300

    LR 210

      • Replacement filter with filter change indicator + Pre-filter + Combination filter
      • Optimum ambient air also while sleeping
      • Timer function


    LR 500 replacement set

      • Prefilter, combi filter (HEPA + activated carbon)